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Race for AI supremacy: Lado Okhotnikov on imminent threats to humanity

In the modern world, there is a rapid development of artificial intelligence, which is described in detail in the articlе, causing concern among some experts. However, it also opens up new opportunities to create powerful technologies that can change modern society. Publicists, including Lado Okhotnikov, a well-known developer of the Meta Force metaverse, express their thoughts on the potential threats and benefits of the development of artificial intelligence.

The article notes growing concerns about the use of artificial intelligence for military purposes. This is causing excitement about the possibility of creating a new superweapon comparable in importance to nuclear weapons. Lado Okhotnikov emphasizes that there is now a merciless race for superiority in the development of such weapons.

Lado Okhotnikov warns that AI can bring both benefits and threats, including for states. “Now we are still Neanderthals of the digital world, in fact, only the second generation is growing up with the Internet. And now we are approaching the next stage of digital evolution. And, as always, both joys and disappointments will await us,” the expert comments.

From benefits to disaster: Lado Okhotnikov on the alarming facets of the development of artificial intelligence

Another aspect that is discussed in the text is the possibility of using artificial intelligence to create autonomous weapons controlled by neural networks. This can lead to disaster if the system gets out of control.

Lado Okhotnikov separately notes the potential benefits of using artificial intelligence. He emphasizes that many people still do not fully understand the benefits and threats that artificial intelligence brings with it.

The expert speaks out about the topic of the hot phase of the race for artificial intelligence between different countries, which is raised in the article. He notes that the US has imposed sanctions on Chinese AI developers, limiting access to the latest chips. In response, China announced its intention to tighten controls on the export of materials for the production of semiconductors. This suggests that competition in the field of artificial intelligence is leading to tensions between countries.

The rapid development of neural networks and metaverses does not go unnoticed by military departments. “Imagine a neural network of gigantic power that receives hundreds of millions of facts every day about a specific enemy: from intelligence to a minor incident in a remote village. Literally everything is analyzed, and this is done in the shortest possible time,” explains the expert.

The text of the article emphasizes that artificial intelligence already plays an important role in our daily lives and has an impact on various areas of activity, including business and finance. Lado Okhotnikov suggests that in the future artificial intelligence will become even more widespread and important for society.

About Meta Force

Meta Force is an innovative platform that combines the best blockchain and artificial intelligence technologies to create the next generation of decentralized applications. Metaverse is being developed by a team of experts led by Lado Okhotnikov, who has many years of experience in the field of blockchain and artificial intelligence.

Meta Force also has its own cryptocurrency, which is used to pay for transactions in the metaverse and stimulate user and developer activity. This creates additional motivation to participate in the Meta Force ecosystem and contributes to the growth and development of the platform.

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