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Lactase Enzymes to hold Nearly 10% Market Share in the Global Enzymes Market

Lactase Enzyme Market

In 2021, the global lactase enzyme market grew by 3.7 percent year over year (YoY). The market for lactase enzymes in the United States expanded by 3.4 percent, putting to rest earlier concerns about how the business would fare in the event of a global pandemic.

According to MR, the lactase enzyme market will grow at a CAGR of 3.7 percent and reach a value of US$ 1 billion by 2031. Lactase enzymes account for approximately 10% of the global enzymes market.

Key Segments Covered in Lactase Enzyme Industry Analysis

  • By Product Type

    • Fungal Lactase Enzymes
    • Neutral Lactase Enzymes
  • By Form

    • Liquid Lactase Enzymes
    • Dry Lactase Enzymes
  • By End-use Application

    • Lactase Enzymes for Dietary Supplements
    • Lactase Enzymes for Food & Beverages
      • Dairy Products
      • Infant Formula
    • Lactase Enzymes for Pharmaceuticals

Is the market for Lactase Enzymes expected to grow significantly in the United States?
Due to rising demand for lactase enzymes from dairy product producers, the U.S. market is predicted to rise at a significant rate of 3.4 percent over the forecast period.

The United States now holds a market share of 89.2 percent in North America in 2021, but demand for lactase enzymes in Canada is expected to expand at a lucrative rate of 4.7 percent during the forecast period.

Why does China dominate the Lactase Enzyme Market in East Asia?
Lactase enzymes have a market value of US$ 34.3 million in China in 2021. Lactase enzyme consumption is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.2 percent over the forecast period.

IFF announced the launch of NuricaTM enzymes in East Asia in China in 2021, offering dairy producers with an innovative solution to generate the highest-quality product while increasing sales. NuricaTM is IFF’s most recent innovation for the Chinese marketplaces, and it’s sold under the Danisco® food ingredient brand.

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