Lacoste Innovates with UNDW3 Card, A Pioneering Web3 Collaborative Program


Lacoste, a globally recognized fashion label, has unveiled the UNDW3 card, an avant-garde undertaking that harnesses the power of blockchain technology to deliver personalized experiences and rewards to its community members. This state-of-the-art program exemplifies Lacoste’s conviction that the future of brand loyalty extends beyond transactional exchanges and instead centers on creativity, dialogue, and interactive entertainment.

A New Era in Customer Engagement

UNDW3 articulated as “underwater”, heralds the beginning of a revolutionary phase in increasing customer engagement and building brand allegiance. The UNDW3 card, a digital asset, provides its holders with a personalized gateway to experiential programs hosted on Discord. The card serves as a dynamic reflection of its holder’s participation level in these programs and continually appreciates in value as engagement increases.

The cardholders are given an opportunity to engage in activities such as creativity quests and video games. This engagement not only unlocks exclusive rewards but also augments the card’s inherent value. The more a cardholder demonstrates activity, creativity, and efficiency, the more points they accrue on a leaderboard displayed on a dedicated website. This leaderboard position bolsters the rarity of the NFT, which in turn escalates the asset’s value.The top 200 participants will receive a spectacular prize, with the highest achievers winning the finest opportunities available.

Crafting a Community-Focused Experience

The design of the UNDW3 card is centered around fostering a community-oriented experience, aiming to architect the future of Lacoste by recasting the confluence of fashion and sport through the prism of web3 philosophy and technology. Since its genesis back in June 2022 — marked by the release of 11,212 Genesis Pass NFTs — the UNDW3 community has actively engaged in a co-creation journey on Discord, amassing over 4 million messages.

NFT ownership has empowered community members to unlock exclusive benefits such as the creation of Lacoste profile pictures, access to limited-edition UNDW3 merchandise capsules, and participation in memorable community events hosted at Lacoste’s flagship locations or the Roland Garros tennis tournament.

Embracing the Dynamic NFT Concept

The UNDW3 Card symbolizes the evolution of the Genesis Pass NFT. Holders can connect their digital wallets to a dedicated website where they can engage in creative sessions, contests, video games, and interactive dialogues.

The Genesis Pass NFT is poised to transition into the UNDW3 card, with Genesis pass holders receiving an invitation for the same during the summer. The specifics of this conversion will be elaborated later on the Lacoste UNDW3 Discord Server.

Vision for the Future

As more and more people continue to gravitate toward the use of decentralized technologies, the excitement surrounding these offerings has been amassing mainstream traction rather rapidly. In this regard, Catherine Spindler, deputy CEO for Lacoste, recently voiced her excitement, stating:

“Being the pioneers in introducing the concept of a dynamic NFT within our industry is a testament to our audacious vision. We see blockchain not merely as a fleeting trend linked to NFTs and the metaverse, but as a catalyst propelling us towards a more inclusive and immersive digital realm. By rewarding creators and cultivating peer-level relationships with our customers, we welcome them into our creative process.”

Looking ahead, the UNDW3 card’s debut is being perceived as a paradigm shift in the NFT landscape, brand experience, and loyalty programs, showering rewards on community members who actively engage in co-creation initiatives, immerse themselves in gaming experiences, and participate in conversations revolving around the Lacoste brand. The program is set to commence on June 29th with a series of quests, games, and co-creation activities. Thus, it will be interesting to see how things play out from here on end.

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