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Lack of Farm Experts to Drive the Demand for Agriculture Robots

The global agriculture robot market is foreseen to witness a significant growth in the near future, thanks to automation and cost-effective technology.

The most common work that these agriculture robots will do are – field mapping, seeding, planting, fertilizing, picking, etc.

The agricultural workforce is declining on a larger scale as most of them are moving to urban areas and the young generation uninterested in farming.

According to international Labor Organization, the percentage of agriculture workforce has declined from 81.0% to 42% in developed countries alone and the developing countries is merely left with 4.2% from 35.0%, thus driving the huge demand for agriculture robots in the coming years.

Autonomous Tractors to Bolster the Sales

The driverless or autonomous tractors are expected to boost the agriculture robots’ market as these robots move in a structured direction, driving the demand for the driverless agriculture robots. These robots benefit in more yield in less time, thus saving the labor cost and increased efficiency, boosting the sales of agriculture robots.

However, the high cost of leveraging the benefits of agriculture robots may hinder the growth in the coming years.

Nevertheless, advanced technology associated with the use of these robots such as in-built sensors, definition cameras are projected to bolster the growth potentials for the global agriculture market in the next few years.

North America to Dominate the Market   

In the next few years, the Asia Pacific market is expected to thrive, owing to demand for higher agriculture to meet the ever-growing population in the developing economies.

Currently the market is dominated by North America due the availability of agriculture robot companies and technologies.

Therefore, in the next few years the agriculture robots’ market is expected to augment significantly, catering to the technological era that drives the 21st century.

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