LACHAIN Revolutionizes Yield Farming with Zero-Friction Multi-Chain Yield Market, Eliminating the Need for Cross-Chain Swaps While Hunting for Highest Yield Across Chains and Protocols

LACHAIN Revolutionizes Yield Farming with Zero-Friction Multi-Chain Yield Market

LACHAIN, an emerging DeFi focused game-changing L0/L1 network, has released a revolutionary multi-chain yield market. LACHAIN yield market simplifies yield farming experience, opens Yield farming to masses by allowing users to maximise their yields across chains and transfer liquidity from pool on one chain to another pool with higher APY on a different chain in 2 clicks without bridges, different gas tokens and complex cross chain transactions. LACHAIN eliminates the need for cross-chain swaps. It allows seamless access to a multitude of decentralised finance products across major blockchains.

LACHAIN Yield Market opens an opportunity to move crypto across chains and protocols in 2 clicks and to pay all gas fees in LA. Therefore, launching Auto-yield management, DeFi funds, interoperability of Metaverses and Games is now very clear and simple.The market uses LACHAIN Automated Market Maker LACHAIN Decentralised Exchange(LaDEX) with a unified Liquidity pool.

LACHAIN Bridge L0 protocol uses LaDEX to buy gas tokens to pay for transactions, and exchange crypto via LA as an intermediary token. 

Unlike other bridges, LACHAIN leverages the unified liquidity pool of LaDEX and thus the same liquidity can be reused to multiple chains and tokens instead of having fragmented liquidity on each chain.


Instead of fragmented liquidity pools of chain-specific tokens (ie Ethereum USDT, Avalanche USDT, fUSDT0 , requiring bridges in order to transfer liquidity, LACHAIN empowers universal all-chain tokens (warp-token) wUSDT, which are 100% collateralized on end-points by locked chain-specific USDT.

LACHAIN native token LA is used as a universal gas and fees token to pay for all LACHAIN and other chain transactions. It lets you manage yield across chains without holding multiple gas tokens of each chain.  LACHAIN L0 layer messaging provides accurate gas price data and calculates total fee in LA. 

LACHAIN L0 is secured by double on-chain validation of each cross-chain transaction – first time by locking chain specific stablecoin and issuing warp-token, and second time when warp token is released and underlying original token is being put on chosen yield farm on a different chain.

LACHAIN L1 is EVM-compatible WASM network with ultra-fast honey-badger BFT consensus mechanism (now finalising being audited by HashEx) allowing existing smart-contracts being transferred easily to be empowered by LACHAIN unique warp-token engine.

Before and after LACHAIN revolution

LACHAIN has implemented 100+ farm pools across Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom and BSC with APY up to 1500%.

Before LACHAIN: yield farmers needed to use bridges, buy gas tokens on different chains and make complex, expensive and time-consuming cross chain transactions. Moreover, each yield opportunity on a specific blockchain required use of a specific bridge. That’s why the DeFi market used to be mostly concentrated in the Ethereum chain only. 

But the paradigm shifted significantly: high yields across different L1 and L2 blockchains emerged with their unique features. 

With LACHAIN: Yield farmers are able to provide liquidity to yield opportunity on any chain without cross-chain swaps. No need to use sophisticated bridges, buy different gas tokens and spend time and effort to transfer liquidity across chains. LACHAIN has become a single spot for managing yield across multiple chains, which is available for everyone without unnecessary complications.


LACHAIN is a gateway to the Web3 future for the masses. It is easy to launch or manage assets and protocols across chains with L0 and bridges secured by L1 on-chain validation for DeFi, NFTs, Metas and Games. LACHAIN simplifies your journey into the cryptoworld by resolving the most common headaches of users across chains including the complicated process of paying for gas, lack of interoperability between chains, liquidity fragmentation and ineffective cross-chain yield management.

LACHAIN is definitely a promising project which will continue implementing new revolutionary and game-changing solutions for the blockchain industry and bring further value to the Web3 multiverse.

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