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Label Foundation’s Tracks Launches Web3 Music dApp on LG Smart TVs

LABEL Foundation’s Tracks, an innovative Web3 music streaming decentralized application (dApp), has made a groundbreaking foray onto LG Smart TVs, with support for webOS versions 22 and 23, extending its reach on a global scale. This significant development heralds Tracks as the first Web3 music application to grace the LG smart TV platform, thereby revolutionizing the way music streaming is perceived and engaged with in the digital era.

The application prides itself on delivering an unparalleled user experience by offering high-quality musical content that is both rich in sound and accompanied by visually striking artworks. This unique combination has found a special place among the millennial audience, seamlessly blending into their daily lives and routines. Since its official launch in July, the mobile version of Tracks, which operates seamlessly on the BNB Chain, has experienced exponential growth. It has successfully attracted over 150,000 users, with a consistent daily active user base of 10,000, mainly comprised of millennials. This surge in popularity and user engagement came on the heels of significant investments from some of the most prestigious venture funds in 2022, bolstering the app’s position in the market.

Tracks distinguishes itself from the myriad of traditional music streaming services by adopting a user-centric approach in its design and functionality. In stark contrast to conventional platforms that often prioritize the needs and interests of content providers, Tracks places a significant emphasis on delivering value to its users. This focus is further complemented by a sustainable and innovative revenue model, which aligns perfectly with the emerging trend of Free Ad-Supported TV (FAST). By embracing this trend, Tracks aims to further enhance its revenue-generating strategies and capabilities.

The strategic collaboration with LG serves as a pivotal move for Tracks, enabling the platform to expand its reach and deepen its engagement with users across various devices. This partnership effectively transcends the limitations typically associated with premium streaming services, thereby democratizing access to music on a worldwide scale. As a result of this expansion, Tracks is poised to solidify its standing as a frontrunner in the domains of both Web3 and traditional Web2 music services, setting new standards for accessibility and user experience.

Presently, Tracks is readily available on the latest LG Smart TV models, accessible at no additional cost to users. This offering underscores Tracks’ unwavering commitment to providing an enriching and highly accessible music streaming experience to a broad audience. By making high-quality music readily available through the integration of cutting-edge Web3 technologies, Tracks is not only innovating within the music streaming sector but also pioneering new ways for users to connect with and enjoy music.

This initiative by Tracks, supported by LABEL Foundation, reflects a deep understanding of the evolving digital landscape and a clear vision for the future of music streaming. By leveraging the capabilities of Web3 technology and forming strategic partnerships with industry leaders like LG, Tracks is at the forefront of creating a more inclusive and user-friendly music streaming ecosystem. As Tracks continues to grow and evolve, it remains committed to its mission of making high-quality music accessible to everyone, everywhere, redefining the music streaming experience for the digital age.

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