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KYC Software – An Ultimate Solution to Secure Businesses

There are difficulties in running a company with a diverse client base. A commercial corporation or financial institution must use  KYC software to verify an individual or corporate client prior to making any onboarding decisions, in addition to coming up with fresh strategies to attract new clients. Digital know your customer refers to the procedure of verifying a customer’s credentials on an organizational and individual level.

Nowadays, businesses can’t be too sure due to the prevalence of false ID instances and financial crimes committed, thus automated solutions for the digital authentication system validate every detail of the consumer. Businesses can expand their genuine customer base by adhering to KYC regulations.

Services of KYC Software

Identity Document Verification

The prospect sends the photos of their identification documents for verification. In addition to the ID card or passport, KYC compliance software can verify a client through a variety of records such as insurance documents, driving licenses, and many more.

The OCR system in digital KYC accepts the given papers. When the personal credentials from the information are acquired and verified by online databases used by regulatory bodies, an optical scan is conducted. The findings of the data collection are presented to the related financial institution once the KYC software has verified all of the provided information.

AML Screening

The initial client authentication process includes the AML screening. The AML databases are used as confirmation by KYC online verification systems to know the current status of any individual or corporate customer. The prospect’s identity including their name and birthdate are all that are required for AML authentication, and after that, the report is quickly sent.

Age Verification

A company that deals with age-specific goods and services might benefit from the service of age verification provided by KYC software. The client supplies the same kind of credentials, and the OCR software gathers the data for verification in a manner that is nearly similar to that of identity certificate verification. Additionally, the client must provide a picture for facial verification so it can be confirmed the individual is real and not a minor.

Address Confirmation

Address authentication is done by the KYC system software to make sure the customer is never in a market area that has been blacklisted or is considered problematic by any watchdog, such as the FCA and FATF. The same service is advantageous even after a client is signed up because it allows organizations like online retailers, delivery companies, and transportation firms to verify a client’s address so that the delivery may be made to the correct location. According to research, poor address authorization results in one out of every twenty orders not being delivered to the client.

Biometric Recognition and Video KYC

KYC software uses biometric verification to provide clients peace of mind about their identity. After the client confirms their ID documents, they upload a picture, which the system examines for spoofing or cleverly made counterfeit images. The mechanism built into computerized KYC solutions makes it possible for them to rapidly identify synthetic attributes while also recognizing the actual shift patterns of someone’s face.

A validation agent verifies the client’s identity during a video interview session as part of video KYC. The very same technologies that are utilized in biometric scanning are also used in electronic KYC solutions. The AI-driven technology authenticates the client’s ID through a range of questions the representative asks.

OCR Engine

The OCR system is used to retrieve information from scanned certificates and reorganize it in an appropriate manner when verifying papers, ages, or addresses. This technology speeds up the verification of information in electronic KYC systems.

Key Attributes of KYC Software

  1. It is never essential to obtain a specific extension document or modify the functioning device in order to implement an AI-powered device; it can be done on any device.
  2. Because the technologies have been taught and put into use after learning false features of behavior or face, they may be relied upon to fight imposters. This way, the system will be able to identify when it encounters a scammer.
  3. The electronic KYC solutions additionally give a company proof of customer confirmation, and photographic and video proof of the procedure whenever needed.

Final Thoughts

With ID theft being relatively widespread in companies, every business validates the customer profile to the greatest extent in order to prevent any adverse implications for them. The KYC software verifies the identity of any individual or corporate client in a quick procedure. The electronic KYC system smoothly validates the documents in various languages, and it instantly displays every important piece of information to the concerned company be it a healthcare platform or a financial institution.

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