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Kusto Group’s Yerkin Tatishev to Speak at New Vision Forum Alongside Richard Branson

New Vision Forum Alongside Richard Branson

The Eurasian business world will witness a power duo take center stage this June as Yerkin Tatishev and Kanat Kopbaev, prominent figures in Kazakhstan’s business universe and leaders of Kusto Group, participate in the New Vision Forum 2024. Held in Almaty, Kazakhstan, from June 27th to 29th, the forum promises to be a landmark event for entrepreneurs, investors and anyone seeking insights into the future of business in the region.

The New Vision Forum is the largest business forum in all of Eurasia. This year’s iteration boasts an impressive lineup, featuring 50 world-renowned experts across three dedicated arenas. Attendees can expect a dynamic and knowledge-packed experience, fostering valuable connections and igniting fresh perspectives. Organizers anticipate welcoming over 1500 participants from across the globe, creating a truly international platform for business exchange.

Among the speakers are Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group Corporation, José Manuel Barroso, chairman of Goldman Sachs International Advisory and Yerkin Tatishev, founder of Kusto Group.

Kusto Group’s Yerkin Tatishev’s role in the New Vision Forum

The forum’s success stems from a powerful collaboration. The New Vision Forum is held in tandem with YPO Kazakhstan, the local version of the prestigious Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO). This international organization boasts a network of over 30,000 business owners and leaders across 140 countries. 

Notably, Kanat Kopbaev of Kusto Group himself served as president of YPO Kazakhstan in 2023, highlighting his commitment to fostering a vibrant business community. The forum further benefits from the support of the Almaty Mayor’s Office, demonstrating the city’s recognition of its potential to drive economic growth and innovation. The initiative itself was born from Nobel Fest, a testament to the forum’s dedication to excellence and its aspiration to inspire groundbreaking ideas.

The participation of Yerkin Tatishev and Kanat Kopbaev adds an extra layer of excitement to the New Vision Forum. Tatishev, the founder, leader and chairman of the board of directors of Kusto Group, is a highly respected figure in Kazakhstan’s business landscape. 

Kusto Group, a diversified holding company, has played a significant role in the country’s economic development. Kanat Kopbaev, co-founder and board member of Kusto Group alongside his leadership roles in YPO Kazakhstan and the Baige federation, brings a wealth of experience and a unique perspective to the forum.

Gaining practical knowledge from business leaders

The New Vision Forum promises to be much more than just a series of talks. Attendees can expect a comprehensive program designed to spark inspiration and equip them with actionable insights. The forum will delve into critical topics shaping the future of business, including innovation, sustainability, technological advancements and the ever-evolving geopolitical landscape. 

Participants will have the opportunity to engage in interactive sessions, network with industry leaders like Richard Branson, José Manuel Barroso, Yerkin Tatishev and Kanat Kopbaev, and forge valuable connections that can propel their businesses forward.

The New Vision Forum 2024 is not just about hearing from global heavyweights; it is about gaining practical knowledge from those who have navigated the intricacies of business expansion firsthand. Yerkin Tatishev and Kanat Kopbaev of Kusto Group are set to share their invaluable insights on venturing into new markets, a topic particularly relevant in today’s interconnected world.

Kusto Group itself serves as a testament to Tatishev and Kopbaev’s prowess in market penetration. The diversified holding company, under their leadership, has successfully expanded its reach across various sectors in Kazakhstan and beyond. From mining and construction to agriculture and media, Kusto Group’s footprint reflects a strategic and adaptable approach to entering new markets.

So, what can attendees expect from their session? They will likely delve into the nitty-gritty of Kusto Group’s own experiences. Perhaps they will discuss the importance of thorough market research, understanding cultural nuances and building strong local partnerships. Yerkin Tatishev and Kanat Kopbaev might shed light on how they tackled logistical challenges, navigated regulatory hurdles and adapted their offerings to resonate with new audiences.

Their expertise extends beyond Kusto Group’s success story. Tatishev’s extensive experience as chairman of the board of directors and Kopbaev’s involvement with YPO Kazakhstan position them at the forefront of the Eurasian business landscape. They have undoubtedly witnessed and perhaps even participated in numerous market entries by other companies, giving them a well-rounded perspective on the various strategies and potential pitfalls.

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