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Kunal Puri of Houston Texas Names 4 Hot New Restaurants in Houston


Restaurant enthusiast Kunal Puri of Houston recently discussed the top three new restaurants in Houston.

Houston is a hotspot for delicious eats, from top-end steakhouses to mouthwatering Tex-Mex. Kunal Puri of  Houston is a foodie passionate about exploring Houston’s best new eateries. He recently discussed the four hottest places to dine in the city in 2023.


Texas is known for its unrivaled steaks, and they’re on display at the unique new restaurant Karne on White Oak Drive. Karne is a fusion between Korean barbecue and a classic Texan steakhouse. The specialty is tableside grilled meat, but you don’t have to be a carnivore to find something delicious on the menu. Rice mussels, egg souffle, kimchi, stew, and scallion salad are some of the Koren-inspired side dishes that are memorable solo or with one of the steakhouse’s varying cuts of meat. 


LuLoo’s is a new Houston restaurant that’s guaranteed to be a hit. That’s because the all-day restaurant is a combination effort between Alyssa Dole and the crew behind Blood Brothers BBQ. Alyssa Dole is one of Houston’s most prized pastry chefs. Kunal Puri of Texas describes it as one of the most promising new eateries in the city.

LuLoo’s will serve proper Texas-style breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals accompanied by an impressive pastry case. Dole’s contributions are in the fresh-baked bread for sandwiches, delicious cheese puffs, cinnamon rolls, and bread pudding. It’s classic Texas cuisine with a facelift.

Handies Duozo

Handies Duozo is another new Houston restaurant inspired by chefs who are already on the city’s foodie scene. Daniel Lee and Patrick Pham already opened Kokoro downtown and recently followed it up with Handies Duozo. The two chefs have more than 20 years of experience in sushi and Japanese cuisine.

Kunal Puri of Texas stated that Handies Duozo focuses on sashimi and hand rolls. The chefs are so well-known in Houston for their award-winning Japanese cuisine that reservations are highly recommended.

The Gypsy Poet

With so many pizza restaurants in Houston, it’s challenging to imagine another becoming one of the best in the city. However, Kunal Puri of Houston explains that The Gypsy Poet is not your average pizzeria.

Diners can opt for traditional flavors like the Margherita and Pepperoni Madness, or choose from one of the unique specialty pies, like Dream Catcher, featuring goat cheese, truffle oil, and fior di latte. The menu is limited to less than 10 pizzas, but that’s because the chef carefully crafted each flavor profile. The Gypsy Poet is a place to experience art in all its forms, including painting, music, poetry, art, and pizza. 

Foodie Kunal Puri of Texas

Kunal Puri of Houston is a proud Houston local who loves sampling new cuisines around town with his wife. He encourages fellow Houston citizens and visitors to get out and experience all the unique flavors this charming and diverse city offers.

A longtime Houston resident, Puri enjoys the many culinary opportunities and extensive variety the city has to offer. To learn more about Puri and is interests, click here.

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