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Kunal Puri, Houston, TX, Business Owner, Explains How to Organize a Charity Golf Event

Charity Golf Event

Kunal Puri is the founder and owner of Ultra Medical Cleaning and Environmental Services. He is an avid golfer and passionate about charity golf events. Today, he explains how you can organize your own event. 

Planning and Marketing Your Charity Fundraiser 

Proper planning and marketing are the first steps to a successful charity golf event. You can think of these steps as your foundation. 

Planning the Event 

According to Kunal Puri, a Houston, Texas, business owner, you’ll want to begin planning your event several months in advance. Remember, the more complex the event, the more time you will need to plan. 

Planning involves setting a goal, choosing a venue, and setting a date for the tournament. When choosing a venue, you’ll want to balance your budget with prestige and capacity. 

A prestigious course may draw more sponsors, but it should also be within your budget. However, some golf clubs will provide the course for sponsorship. 

You’ll also need to find sponsors. Local businesses are a great starting point. Be prepared to offer several levels of sponsorship packages. This allows more sponsors to participate at their comfort level while providing adequate rewards. 

Marketing the Event

When it comes to marketing, you should reach out to individuals, organizations you have a relationship with, and the community. According to Kunal Puri, you should also ensure to provide your sponsors with marketing materials. 

You may want to set up a website for your event. This can provide registration and all the information your players and donors need in one convenient place. 


When marketing begins, you should have registration open. This allows donors and those interested in attending to sign up. Fundraising software can make setting up and managing registration much easier. 

If you plan to have an auction as part of your fundraiser, the software you use for registration can also automatically track items and bids. 

Check to see if your software accommodates day or tickets as well. This allows you to accommodate any last-minute attendees easily and helps keep things organized. 

Preparing For the Tournament

Mr. Puri states that you’ll want to select a volunteer staff before the tournament. A golf tournament requires many people to keep things running smoothly. 

All volunteers should know exactly what they are supposed to do and how to do it ahead of time. A practice run the day before the tournament can help. 

Communication is also essential. Your team should be able to communicate with each other. Hand-held radios or cell phones are great ways to keep everyone connected. 

Once you are fully prepared, there’s only one thing left to do. On the day of the tournament, remember to enjoy yourself. 

Kunal Puri Houston

Kunal Puri is a Houston resident. He is an Indian immigrant who came to America with his family. He founded Ultra Medical Cleaning and Environmental Services with family members. Under his leadership, the company has grown exponentially and currently brings in 25 million in revenue. 

Thanks for reading this informative post if anyone have any questions please ask us.

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