KuCoin Wallet Officially Launched The Native Swap Function!

KuCoin Wallet

Since the official launch in June, the KuCoin Wallet team has endeavored to provide a secure and smooth product experience for global users. Today, we are excited to announce the launch of our brand new feature, native swap.

KuCoin Wallet has taken a leap forward in expanding its functions by partnering with 1inch Network, the leading DEX aggregator in the blockchain industry. With the leading-edge Pathfinder algorithm developed by 1inch, KuCoin Wallet integrates the native swap function at a high level and enables users to instantly get the lowest rates based on the aggregation of over 250 liquidity sources.

 As a secure and convenient multi-chain crypto wallet fully supported by the KuCoin ecosystem, KuCoin Wallet has always strived to provide the best user experience to our users. An open testing of the native swap function was conducted before the official launch. More than 70,000 users have registered for the public beta testing, and we have received invaluable feedback from our users. We’d like to thank all of the users for your continuous support and constructive feedback.

 The native swap function is expected by many users ever since the official launch of the KuCoin Wallet APP and is finally launched today. Now, without visiting any third-party cryptocurrency exchanges, users can directly swap tokens within KuCoin Wallet, such as some major trading pairs, like BTC/USDT and ETH/USDT. Besides the convenience, there are many more benefits for users to adopt token swaps on KuCoin Wallet.

The best swap rates

The token swap feature comes from our partnership with 1inch, which is a DeFi aggregator that finds the most efficient swapping routes across all leading decentralized exchanges, such as Uniswap, Pancake, Curve, etc. How can 1inch get the best route? The answer is 1inch Network’s “Pathfinder”, an API containing a discovery and routing algorithm. Pathfinder finds the best possible paths for a token swap, splitting a swap across many decentralized exchanges (DEX’s) and even across different market depths of the same DEX. As a result, the swap rate a user gets is better than what they would have gotten on any single DEX.

By integrating the 1inch Aggregation API, KuCoin Wallet not only enables users to swap tokens on multiple supported blockchains but also offers users the best on-chain swap rates. Currently, users can make up to 1639 token swaps on the supported networks on KuCoin Wallet, with more trending tokens to be added. 

High-level security

As a 100% non-custodial decentralized wallet, KuCion Wallet gives users full control of their assets and guarantees the asset security of global users from multiple dimensions. With smart contracts of 1inch audited by leading audit teams in the industry, KuCoin Wallet ensures the security of all users’ assets and transactions with the integration of native swap through 1inch and provides users a secure way to manage their assets.

Furthermore, 1inch keeps expanding itself by deploying on more networks, enabling users to have access to more liquidity pools and efficient swapping.

Access to numerous liquidity sources

Lastly and importantly, users do not need to worry about the lack of liquidity when making token swaps on KuCoin Wallet because 1inch will automatically discontinue the use of low liquidity pools. 1inch provides the best rates based on the aggregation of over 250 liquidity sources running on the 9 most popular networks, which include both AMMs and PMMs. The best path is guaranteed by the automatic swap split between protocols.

 Jeff Haul, the Head of KuCoin Wallet, said:” We are always striving to make our product cater to the needs of all investors. Swap is a high-frequency feature of the wallet and 1inch is one of the most popular DEXs in the Web3 industry, so we work together through native integration to provide a smooth and cost-effective trading experience for our users. Integrating the leading partner in the DeFi aggregator space, KuCoin Wallet expands itself once more and offers users an innovative product. As a gateway to the Web3 world, we are willing to integrate any excellent DApps that can provide high value to our users. This partnership with 1inch is a great start to our journey with more exciting landscapes ahead.”

After the official launch of native swap, a platform service fee of 1% will be automatically factored into each quote, which supports the ongoing development of KuCoin Wallet.  If you still don’t have the KuCoin Wallet APP on your mobile, download it now to experience the token swap services with the best rates. 

The launch of native swap opens a new world for the users of KuCoin Wallet. Step by step, KuCoin Wallet will continue to add new features to the APP and provide users with the most optimal user experience.

 KuCoin Wallet continues to roll out new functions to get more users involved in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The integration of native swap with the leading DEX aggregator shows the ambition of KuCoin Wallet to further expand itself. Going forward, KuCoin Wallet will explore more innovative features, guiding users to explore the exciting Web3 world.

About KuCoin Wallet

KuCoin Wallet is a secure and easy-to-use crypto wallet that supports multi-chain aggregation powered by the KuCoin ecosystem. With the security expertise of KuCoin and the leading security technology audited by Hacken, KuCoin Wallet is a self-custody wallet with users having full control of their assets. KuCoin Wallet provides the easiest way for users to manage multi-chain assets and enables them to buy, store and view NFT collections directly within the wallet. KuCoin Wallet is a gateway to the world of Web3 for all crypto users.

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