An analysis of the KStarCoin Roadmap and Whitepaper

With the vast number of blockchain projects being launched and in development, it has become extremely important for investors and future users to know the practicality of the project, along with reliability and integrity of the development team.

With an already running platform that connects fans of Korean culture around the world to the latest happenings in music, drama, fashion and much more, KStarLive has decided to shift to the world of decentralization. This means ever more secure, faster and cheaper services for K fans. To ensure that the project is taken seriously by K culture fans, the team has developed a firm and specific timeline that tells of the project milestones. With the progress matching with the proposed roadmap, people can be assured that the project is serious about its commitment.

KStarcoin Roadmap To K Culture

With KStarCoin being an extension of the original KStarLive platform with already existing 8 million audience, the story (unlike other ICO and projects) has a past:

  • May, 2016: launches, bringing the latest developments on the Korean Culture to fans worldwide.
  • April, 2017: KStarLive reaches 5 million followers on Facebook in a span of one year. The popularity of the platform increases with its collaboration in 2017 Korea Music Festival and Busan One Asia Festival.
  • Q1, 2018: Recognizing issues faced by users worldwide, the platform decides to launch KStarCoin, a decentralized token exclusively designed for its services.
  • Q2, 2018: Token development is complete and a successful ICO is launched. Along with this, list of services is expanded to include beauty range. Followers increase to an astounding 8.5 million. Other projects team up to form SOBLO, a consortium of blockchain projects that would share resources.
  • 3Q, 2018: KStarCoin community and crowdfunding platform beta version will be launched, with testing to be completed within this timeframe for the eventual launch of the alpha version. KStarCoin will also partner with exchanges for easier trading of the token by users.
  • Q4, 2018: SOBLO official launch will allow thousands of transactions per second on the platform. It will also initiate crowdfunding for beauty products and music productions. Live broadcast services through Facebook are also expected. KStar will also have its first concert where the whole finances will be raised through crowdfunding alone. With this and live transmissions, expected followers on Facebook are expected to cross 20 million.
  • Q2, 2019: Partnering with international broadcasters to provide live coverage of K Pop concerts for global fans.

Clear dates and specific timelines mean that the project team has made careful calculations for the progress and intends to fulfill them.

The KStarcoin Whitepaper

A British terminology depicting the official briefing of a company, the term whitepaper has evolved in the blockchain arena. It now represents a document that has complete details of a project, including the background, the intention of the team, the purpose of the project, technical details and projected life of the project itself.

KStarCoin’s whitepaper is not much different as it incorporates all of the above mentioned. What does differ is the detail and professionalism of the document itself. The whitepaper is divided into different and sequential sections, each detailing a different aspect of the crypto token:

  • Abstract: An overview of the project and the reason behind the venture.
  • KStarCoin ICO, Token And Value Proposition: This area describes the complete details of its planned ICO and how the token will enable a new era in K Culture availability to fans. The token details include different aspects of the coin’s usage, including commerce, storage of value and crowdfunding.
  • KStarLive: A short, but complete detail on the history of the KStar platform, its first birth as a traditional platform and how the difficulties it saw fans faced made it reconsider to launch the decentralized token.
  • Blockchain And Social Media: How the technology is disrupting social media through its characteristics.
  • User Profile: A breakdown of users that visit the platform, allowing for investors to realize how the platform has developed and will grow in the future.
  • Market Summary: How and where K Culture has played its influence.
  • KStarCoin Technology: The specifics of the blockchain and the consensus methodology, allowing the platform to overcome current issues faced by decentralized organizations.
  • Economy: A detailed and graphical presentation on how the KStarCoin economy works, including key business models and applications, such as the music industry, concerts, fashion and beauty merchandise etc.
  • Roadmap: As already said in the start of this article, the roadmap is clear and very detailed with exact dates.
  • Tokenomics: A detail on distribution, token value, utilization, bounties, and ICO of the token.
  • KStarCoin Team: Details of each member of the team, with their current roles and experiences, can be found in this. The list includes not only members but different advisors that are on board the project, guiding with their experiences and expertise.

In all, the KStarCoin project is a well thought out platform that is guaranteed to make its mark in the industry.

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