Kshitiz Nayyar, the Canadian RPA Consultant, revolutionizes automation for seamless organizational navigation

Kshitiz Nayyar

Kshitiz Nayyar, a Canadian RPA expert, is at the forefront of advocating for the adoption of transformative technology, assisting organizations in navigating the path of automation effortlessly. With their ease of implementation and high return on investment, AI and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) have become key drivers of success for forward-thinking organizations in today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape. In fact, studies show that 53% of all businesses have already embarked on their RPA journey to harness its advantages.

Originally from India and currently based in Canada, Kshitiz Nayyar holds the position of Senior Consultant (Innovation & PMO) at Nutrien, a prominent Canadian organization. Additionally, he is the Founder and Director of KNAYYARINC, an IT consulting firm that empowers clients with futuristic digital solutions. Kshitiz moved to the United Kingdom to pursue a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Wales, Cardiff. 

While conducting research on the “Effectiveness of CRM in Indian Call Centers,” Kshitiz delved deeper into the realm of enterprise automation. Recognizing the importance of staying at the forefront of technological advancements, he obtained several professional certifications, including Six Sigma White Belt, PMP, Scrum Master Certification, Scrum Fundamentals Certification, and Agile Coach Certification. These certifications solidified his foundation and honed his skills, positioning him as an expert in Agile and Waterfall technologies as well as Project Management Tools, particularly in the RPA domain. He also wrote his first book “The Power of Robotic Process Automation in the Digital Age” focussing completely on the RPA Domain.

Equipped with a unique blend of technical knowledge and managerial expertise, Kshitiz plays a pivotal role in persuading individuals and organizations to embrace automation for various business processes. He highlights the commonly observed advantages of RPA, such as compliance and improved productivity, and cites data indicating that top-performing businesses have achieved nearly four times the return on their RPA investments. Industries spanning manufacturing, retail, finance, and healthcare are increasingly adopting RPA to reap these benefits.

At the individual level, Kshitiz emphasizes the importance of training and upskilling the workforce to ensure their relevance amidst the evolution and development of new technologies. Rather than dismissing emerging technologies, he believes in continuous upskilling to remain competitive. RPA serves as a tool for eliminating redundant and repetitive tasks, enabling individuals to redirect their efforts toward more productive work. Kshitiz Nayyar himself embraces lifelong learning and encourages others to adopt the same mind-set. In addition to sharpening his tech knowledge, he has honed his entrepreneurial skills and risk-taking ability, leading him to start his own venture in the technology domain.

Throughout his career, Kshitiz has gained extensive experience as a Senior Consultant, RPA Expert, and Product Owner in leading Canadian organizations such as Nutrien, The Cooperators, OMERS, and Accenture. His expertise in RPA, coupled with his managerial acumen, has positioned him as a trusted advisor, enabling organizations to navigate the complexities of automation and drive successful implementation.

As the world continues to witness rapid technological advancements, Kshitiz Nayyar remains dedicated to his mission of easing the adaptation of cutting-edge technologies like RPA. His expertise, combined with his passion for empowering individuals and organizations, makes him an invaluable asset in driving technological transformation and ensuring a sustainable future for all.

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