Krool Toys Releases Playable Dogémon “NFT” Game Boy Game

Playable Dogémon "NFT" Game Boy Game

Krool Toys is reiterating their commitment to bringing back the good old gaming memories as the company recently collaborated with Rarible to drop the Playable Dogémon “NFT” Game Boy Game. The New York and Bombay-based creative studio is known for designing, producing, and selling music-inspired handmade collectibles. The studio has also become increasingly popular for producing limited-run collectibles and video games for Megan Thee Stallion, Lil Uzi Vert, Rod Wave, Rico Nasty, and Gunna.

The NFT market is looking like the next big thing in the crypto world, with the concept showing a fast-moving development, recording a growth of nearly ten-fold between 2018 and 2020. The demand for NFTs has continued to surge, with the NFT market showing no signs of slowing down. According to a publication on, the combined market cap of major NFT projects has increased by 1,785%, year-to-date, within less than three months. Different industries have embraced the concept and game developers have not been particularly left out of the process. However, the team at Krool Toys, in their tradition, is looking to add a twist to the gaming-NFT relationship with the upcoming release of the Playable Dogémon “NFT” Game Boy Game.

The game studio is reportedly gearing up to release their genesis drop ”Dogémon” – an adaption to the popular Gameboy video game “Pokémon”. The product offers amazing gameplay that includes gamers playing as Elon and leading Doge on his first adventure through 4 epic battles against opponents such as GME Kid, Jeff Bezos, Bernie Sanders, and Janet Yellen before making their way to the SpaceX rocket and blasting off into the atmosphere.

Dogémon “NFT” Game Boy Game will be available for interested persons to play online. However, only select NFT holders will get the chance to win the physical Game Boy cartridges which are compatible with any Gameboy/Gameboy Advance/Gameboy Advance SP console. 

The unique project is done in collaboration with Rarible, a leading name in the NFT market. The decision to choose Rarible as the project partner is coming as no surprise, considering the feat achieved by the platform in recent times. Rarible’s popularity has literally skyrocketed in recent times, as a decentralized, creator-centric NFT marketplace for a variety of multimedia content, such as digital art, collectibles, music, video, games, and a host of others. 

The Dogémon “NFT” Game Boy Game offers an all-inclusive gaming experience, with immense benefits to all stakeholders. Each purchase of the game includes a 3D cartridge video NFT, a Transparent PNG sprite character pack, and a Lottery raffle for a chance to win the physical Game Boy cartridge.

For more information about Dogémon “NFT” Game Boy Game and to support the NFT release on Rarible, visit – Krool Toys can also be found across several social media platforms, including InstagramTwitter, and TikTok.

About Krool Toys

Krool Toys is a New York-based creative studio that specializes in the design, production, and sale of music-inspired handmade collectibles. Over the years, the company, which was founded by Stefan Cohen and Tia Chinai, two experienced professionals in gaming, graphics, and marketing, has grown to have a global presence, with an office in Bombay.

The company aims to bring people back to their childhood, offering a unique combination of nostalgic items such as Gameboys, Puzzles, Guitar Hero, and Action Figures with modern-day music culture. Since their official launch, Krool Toys has worked with and gained recognition of several big names labels across the globe, including the likes of Cinematic Music Group, 300 Entertainment, and YSL Records.

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