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Krono Polo: Meet The Owner Camila Mejía Posada

The founder of Krono Polo, Camila Mejía, has come to run her own company after several years working and studying in the fashion sector; Today, her experience and her hard years of work allow her to be at the forefront of a brand that is emerging as a powerhouse in the polo industry. Camila herself attended BA Fashion Design at Istituto Marangoni, where she also received the BA Fashion Design Award, 2014.

Camila Mejía is from Colombia, she came to Europe in search of learning English and expanding her knowledge in various areas. Before pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Design, she previously completed an HNC in Fashion and Textile Design at Williams College, so from an adolescent she was permeated by fashion and was clear about the path she wanted to travel.

On the other hand, during his time at the university he had the opportunity to carry out several internships, in workshops such as Jaeger and Alexander McQueen, where he stood out for the accompaniment he carried out in the different phases of the design process until the preparation for the Week of the Paris fashion.

Even so, Camila considers herself a workaholic person, and although she thought that by founding Krono Polo she could have a defined schedule, trying to respect a time to dedicate herself, none of that has been possible. On the contrary, every day she faces new challenges and her constant work nature prevents her from letting things go. He currently works as a freelance for one of the fashion editors of Hia magazine based in London and which is published in the United Arab Emirates, where Camila performs different activities, from creating shopping pages to selecting the models’ wardrobe for a photoshoot or editing content in the magazine’s fashion week for social networks.

On the other hand, Camila Mejía has also gained experience by managing some design collaborations with emerging designers such as Massimo Casagrande and Zara Sasoon and was part of the RTW design development team in Victoria Beckham.

Camila has managed to mix the experience that she has added during years of constant work alongside great brands and characters with her South American heritage, her love for horses and her enjoyment of the countryside. This is how Camila Mejía finally ended up dedicating herself full time to her own company; Today, a year later, he feels that it has been one of the most successful decisions he has made and although with the natural fear that the pandemic caused to many entrepreneurs and more to those who were just beginning, his determination has allowed him to expand internationally until reaching to count today in Krono Polo with a multidisciplinary team, being she who directs all the employees.

Today Camila’s name is heard regularly in different polo clubs and tournaments, as if she were a polo player. However, Camila Mejía or “Luna” as she is known by her family, is the name of the designer of polo articles who has come to renew the different products that polo lovers use and that has earned her to be recognized by all.

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