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KRebels is the innovative NFT Project Trying to Preserve the Koalas

KRebels innovative NFT

KRebels is an avant-garde NFT project focusing on the intersection of cutting-edge technology, art, and saving the endangered Koala. As a part of their first project, K-Rebels’s in-house artist has created 9,999 completely original and unique Koala based NFT collectibles. By committing to both artistic integrity as well as to donate proceeds to foundations dedicated to preserving the Koala species, KRebels is sure to find success as well as make a difference.

It is smart for KRebels to get into the NFT space as it is one of the most exciting sectors in the technology industry at the moment. An NFT, or a Non-Fungible Token, is technology that turns digital art into collectible and verifiable assets that can be traded utilizing blockchain technology. By utilizing NFT technology to turn digital art into collectible and verifiable assets, artistic entrepreneurs are able to create a market for digital assets in a way that wasn’t possible before blockchain’s verifiable ledger technology. Now, with NFT technology, buyers of digital art can verify that they are the owners of the digital asset and in the event they sell the digital asset to a new owner, the technology can document and verify the sale — creating a real marketplace.

While the idea of NFT technology may be difficult to understand for some, the numbers are clear. With a market size of over $2.5 billion, this innovative technology is not only helping digital artists and digital art enthusiasts make money and pursue their passion, but it is also permanently changing the art industry. Simply put, NFT technology is not going anywhere.

The KRebels project is also very noble in its mission to bring awareness and donations to the efforts to preserve the Koala species and help them fight their extinction. Sadly, if things progress at their current pace, the Koalas will be extinct by 2050. However, if the individuals and foundations fighting to help improve their living conditions, secure their safety, and therefore preserve the species can reach their goal, then society may be able to save the Koalas. This mission is precisely why KRebels decided to focus on koala-based digital art — in order to bring awareness to the situation and to try and raise as much money as possible for various foundations and philanthropic efforts. In fact, KRebels, the name of the project itself, is an homage to this sentiment.

With their plan to release the entirety of their collection later this year, we are excited to see how things turn out for KRebels as we are sure they will succeed.


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