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Korosh Ghazimorad: The Innovative Iranian Calligrapher Who Pushed the Boundaries of Art

Korosh Ghazimorad, born in 1969 in Tehran, is a distinguished Iranian graphic designer and calligrapher. A graduate of the Iranian Calligraphers Association, he is the creator of the “Sarir” script, which has garnered widespread acclaim. Ghazimorad has participated in numerous international exhibitions in countries such as the USA, Germany, Canada, Lebanon, Turkey and Iran, showcasing his works to a global audience.

In 2017, at the BEIRUT ART FAIR, he successfully sold a piece from his “Trees and Roots” series for $12,000. 

Ghazimorad has also been an active participant in the Tehran Auction, with two of his works sold in its 12th and 14th editions. His latest solo exhibition was held in 2019 at the Sohrab Gallery in Tehran. Besides his artistic endeavors, Ghazimorad has played a significant role in the development and promotion of calligraphy and graphic arts, introducing Iranian art to international audiences through his participation in global events.

The “Sarir” script, invented by Ghazimorad, represents a breakthrough in the field of calligraphy, blending art and creativity. Through this script, he has created unique works that have captivated art enthusiasts and experts alike.

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