Korea’s digital wallet ‘Metacode’ signs strategic partnership with BISKIT ‘Puzzle Fantasy.’


Korea Digital Wallet’s “Metacode Platform” and “Puzzle Fantasy Game” published by BISKIT, announced on the 13th that they had signed a strategic partnership.

Since its launch in 2018, the Metacode platform has been used in 121 countries, and various metaverse projects, P2E games, and NFT projects have been using Metacode.

Puzzle Fantasy, which is being developed by the game publishing platform BISKIT, is a game that attacks the enemy by collecting and exploding more than three of the same colors among the various color puzzles on the board. Users play games with NFT (non-fungible token), Mining and Gold are additionally accumulated, and NFT characters can be linked to the game to meet them.

Puzzle Fantasy conducted the first test on a small number of focus groups in November last year, and is conducting a close beta test (CBT) from February 6 to March 3, and more than 300,000 users applied for the test. And various events are being held for users who have participated and applied for the test.

Park Byung-hyun, CEO of Metacode Platform Co., Ltd., said, “The Metacode Platform is used by more than 200,000 P2E game and Metaverse members. We will support the global marketing of Puzzle Fantasy based on Metacode members.”

An official from BISKIT said, “We are very happy to be an opportunity for puzzle fantasy to take a leap forward globally in proceeding with the project through a strategic partnership with the Metacode platform following Beerprint.”


The game publishing platform of the BISKIT protocol provides essential functions for game operations and services to affiliated developers in the form of SDKs (software development kits).
Developers can maximize efficiency by utilizing the platform to minimize development requirements for game operation and services and focus only on game development.


Puzzle Fantasy is a puzzle RPG-genre P2E game in which if you rearrange puzzle pieces and collect three or more pieces and burst them, the scores accumulated when the pieces burst will be replaced by damage.
If you complete a puzzle combo in a way that is used to attack the enemy, it is a game that knocks down the enemy through a strong attack.

Characters can evolve up to seven levels through games, and the difficulty of token mining varies depending on the evolutionary stage.

Puzzle Fantasy:

A battle against the devil who wants to rule the world by collecting hero characters !
Strengthen your characters through the battles, and reveal your character’s strengths through the puzzle !
Compete with friends or characters in other dimensions through the PvP System !

Puzzle Fantasy’s Intro

Dragons invade Magi and Laurent’s village to fulfill their dreams of becoming heroes,
and Magi and Laurent go on a rough adventure to get a revenge on the dragons that ruined the village.


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