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Koorosh Farzadfard: A Pioneer in Visual Effects in Iran

Koorosh Farzadfard, one of the most prominent names in the field of visual effects in Iran, shared his professional journey and experiences in an exclusive interview. With a career that includes collaborations with Iran’s top studios like Sky Frame, Al-Zahra, and IFA, and renowned directors such as Dariush Mehrjui, Asghar Farhadi, Narges Abyar, Mohammad Hossein Mahdavian, Tina Pakravan, and Mehran Modiri, Farzadfard has valuable experiences to share.

Farzadfard recounted his entry into the world of visual effects at the age of eighteen. He began by editing television programs and, driven by a passion for creating images, taught himself visual effects. His collaboration with Sina Ghavidel at Nova Studio and winning several awards motivated him to pursue this profession more seriously.

Since 2021, Farzadfard has been working as the head of visual effects at Al-Zahra Studio, completing significant projects. He considers this studio a major factor in his advancement and regards it as one of the best studios in the Middle East.

With the advancement of the internet and the increasing expertise of Iranian artists, Farzadfard has collaborated with international companies such as Lego, MPC, and Digital Domain. He has participated in various projects in India, Brazil, and the United States, introducing films like “RRR” as successful examples of these collaborations. This film won numerous awards in the visual effects category and was even nominated for an Oscar.

Farzadfard believes that visual effects are one of the most scientific branches of cinema, blended with art. He pointed out challenges such as high hardware costs, relatively slow internet speeds, and the lack of specialized training centers, which have slowed progress in this field. Referring to artists like Habib Zargarpour and Mohsen Mousavi, who are recognized globally, Farzadfard emphasized that Iran’s progress in this field is moving at a good pace.

According to Farzadfard, increased interaction with advanced countries can be very beneficial. Sharing knowledge and information with these countries, inviting skilled professionals to hold training courses and masterclasses in Iran, and importing suitable equipment are some of the ways that can help Iran get closer to global standards. He also stressed the importance of proper learning in this field.

Farzadfard noted that no major film today lacks significant visual effects. He highlighted the role of visual effects in realistic films and the creation of details that do not exist in the real world, stating that these techniques are increasingly being used in realistic films.Habib Zargarpour and Mohsen Mousavi, who are recognized globally, Farzadfard emphasized that Iran’s progress in this field is moving at a good pace.

Farzadfard discussed the various challenges he has faced in domestic and international projects. He mentioned his collaboration with Asghar Farhadi in the film “A Hero” and with Narges Abyar in the film “The Inverse” as challenging yet enjoyable projects.

In conclusion, Farzadfard expressed his hopes for easier access to visual effects training for enthusiasts. He hopes that those interested can receive training at a young age and enter this field professionally in their youth, leveraging their intelligence, taste, and courage to create new works.

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