Kommunitas set to build Launchpad platform for blockchain projects

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Blockchain Startup Kommunitas is building a launchpad platform for users to build projects within its ecosystem. This development will enable individuals and teams to leverage on the robust features offered by Kommunitas. 

Unique launchpad for blockchain projects 

Kommunitas launchpad will be focusing on Polygon Chain projects. Polygon offers a highly scalable blockchain with almost zero transaction fees. The launchpad will also be one of the firsts on Polygon Chain and provide a central point for developing the Polygon ecosystem. 

Developers and teams will access a wide range of options when they launch products on Kommunitas. Some of these include exposure to the Kommunitas community, which currently has over 25,000 active members. 

Kommunitas launchpad is easy to use, and there are no tiers or minimum KOM tokens required for community members to access newly launched tokens. This ensures that everyone is eligible for a guaranteed allocation no matter how many KOM tokens are held. 

Kommunitas has also created an incubator grant where a portion of KOM tokens is used to support unique projects that want to launch on its launchpad platform. The grant will serve as an incentive for developers to launch projects on Kommunitas launchpad. 

Community driven blockchain protocol 

Kommunitas is a community-driven protocol that is built on the Polygon chain. It is a blockchain solution for multi-chain projects and provides a bridge and organic fundraising across multiple blockchains. 

Kommunitas seeks to level the playing field by enabling individuals and teams to launch their projects on its launchpad and collect ETH,BNB, MATIC, and other supported cryptocurrencies. Users will later be able to connect several wallets from different blockchains with a single click and have access to listed projects. 

The Kommunitas ecosystem is powered by its native token KOM. KOM token holders can benefit in several ways. They can stake KOM in supported pools in exchange for excellent yearly returns on their investment. 

KOM also serves for governance and allows holders to vote for developments on the platform. Community members can also vote to determine whether a project should launch on the Kommunitas launchpad. KOM token holders also get guaranteed allocation for newly launched projects. This includes access to the earliest price of a token and can access ICOs and pre-sale events. 

Kommunitas is currently conducting the private sales of KOM tokens, and this will be the first phase of the token sale. The private sale, which began on June 1, will run until June 15. During this period, investors will be able to purchase KOM tokens at the best price possible. 

With the launchpad under development, purchasing KOM tokens early is ideal for jumping onboard this unique platform. To learn more about Kommunitas visit the website at or check their other social media platforms  

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