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Kodo Assets Launches First E-book On Real Estate Tokenization Made With The Help Of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Made with the help of ChatGPT, the free digital book will is still available to the public

With the aim of increasingly democratizing investor access to the real estate market, reducing information barriers, and collaborating with the revolution in the sector, the Kodo Assets platform launched 01/16 the ebook “Real Estate Tokenization: a comprehensive guide”. The publication, in English, about real estate tokenization was conceived and written by Helena Margarido, COO of Kodo, with the aid of artificial intelligence (AI) via ChatGPT.

The production of the ebook took some weeks to complete and had several interactions and changes, as explained by Helena Margarido, COO at Kodo Assets. “Using ChatGPT helped us a lot, even though we had to create the script, define topics, and content, and, above all, train the robot. It made our work easier because, once the artificial intelligence was trained, we didn’t have to create a large part of the content from scratch. After that, we revised and changed some things, in addition to adding specific topics that the AI unfortunately still cannot produce. The tool helped us mainly in the technical part, but it still needs a human to review it”, concludes Margarido.

The work is available on the company’s website for free and addresses topics on the blockchain, fractioning real estate, exchange of tokens, and physical and digital assets, among other subjects in the universe of real estate tokenization.

About Kodo Assets

Believing that tokenization can solve the main problems of the Real Estate market, Kodo Assets was created. Through tokenization, the objective is to democratize investor access to the real estate market, help increase the liquidity of this type of asset and reduce market access barriers, whether due to high transaction costs or bureaucracy. The company’s tokens will be created and distributed in accordance with Bahamian legislation which, given their nature, classifies them as security tokens. Thus, as they are considered securities, the process is subject to an intense and meticulous regulatory process. The Kodo token will be issued using Polygon’s smart contract platform and awarded to its holders equal shares of economic property rights in proportion to the tokens purchased. The use of Polygon to issue tokens is due to it being one of the most promising blockchain infrastructures, with a large community of developers, companies, and organizations dedicated to strengthening and maturing the technology and its applications.

To find out more about Kodo Assets, visit the official website:

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