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Know How Plumbers Do Drain Cleaning and Wet Well Cleaning in New York City!

What could be worse than starting a day finding out that the bathroom or kitchen sink drain is blocked? Clogging of drains not only occurs in sinks but can also occur in bathtub drains, shower drains, and toilets. It is a serious plumbing issue that can be remedied quickly. If you find any sign of clogging of drains or dirty wells, you must grab your phone to call a professional plumbing company for wet well cleaning near you to flush away the blockage. Only a licensed and experienced technician or plumber can clear your drains, wells, or sewer lines effectively. If you want to know how a plumber does this task, keep reading! 

Using Manual Drain Snakes

A manual drain snake is a small boring tool that is also known as a plumber’s snake or drain auger. This tool rotates slowly as you physically push it through a stubborn clog. There is a corkscrew-shaped hook located at the terminal end of this tool. This hook is helpful for cleaning the drain or toilet and wet well maintenance. Manual drain snakes are also useful for dislodging debris and passing through the sewer system. It is efficient enough to clear minor blockages to the mouth of the drains. 

Using Motorized Drain Snakes

A motorized drain snake is used where a manual drain snake fails to do the task of cleaning blockages. If the blockages are located further down the drain line or sewer line, the manual drain snakes can’t clear it properly because it allows cleaning up to 10 feet of depth. Motorized drain snakes that are used by a professional drain cleaning company near you can reach up to 150 feet down a drain to remove blockages. 

Using High – Definition Cameras

In case the drains or sewer lines, or wells are not cleaned properly with a motorized drain snake, there is a chance of complete blockage deep down the pipes. So to make sure that all blockages are cleaned, the plumbers whom you call for wet well cleaning use high-definition snake cameras. This camera will get you a look at the interior of a pipe structure so that you or your plumber can see the main cause of the blockage. This will help your plumber to determine the most effective tools to do the cleaning. 

Using Hydro-Jetting Machines 

Hydro-jetting machines are such tools that can flush away years of built-up grease, soap, hairs, food waste, and other dirty materials that create blockages in your drain and sewer lines. This particular tool provides powerful water streams that can reach as high as 36,000 pounds per square inch. So there is no doubt that a hydro-jetting machine is one of the most effective tools to eliminate any trace of residue from drains, pipe walls, sewer lines, etc. It will help you leave the drains and sewer lines of New York City in almost a new condition. 

Bottom Lines

Though there are many other tools and ways that the professional handymen use for drain cleaning and wet well cleaning in  New York City the tools mentioned here are the most effective ones. So you are suggested to ensure that your plumbers are doing the task using such advanced tools.

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