Know about the Embedded Development Services Offered by Lemberg Solutions

Embedded systems are designed for devices that require reliability and safety. The traditional calculator is a simple and the first example of embedded software. After that, smartphones came with this feature. Also, a digital camera and remote control for TV are examples of embedded systems. You can say that your coffee machine has simpler technology than embedded technologies. 

In this article, you will get to know in detail about embedded services which will help you understand them better! 

Know-How about Embedded Engineering

You can use the services of embedded engineering by building a product including robust software and hardware of the state-of-the-art. All the stages of embedded development will be guided. Moreover, the development services of embedded software and also hardware engineering will be provided. This will enhance the speed of the product to development for the market. 

Learn About Lemberg Solutions: Embedded Development Services   

You don’t need to worry about the embedded systems anymore. You can just focus on building your product and outsource the embedded systems. Lemberg solutions provide services for a range of different needs for embedded development. 

  • GUI Development

For IoT solutions, you can get the embedded GUI. The team of engineering services for embedded software will guide on the frameworks that are popular, including custom Android ROMs, At, and TouchGFX. They will help you to match the requirements of the product and the needs of customers.

  • Hardware Development

The electrical and mechanical engineers will support you further once you develop and design your product of embedded hardware. It will start from PoC (proof of concept) and then the functional MVP to guide you along the way.

  • Embedded Linux

For the tasks of Linux-based development, use the expertise of the company for embedded development. They involve developing drivers, creating the apps of Linux, and kernel tweaking. Your product requirements are unique, and their engineers are experts in designing the custom Linux OS for you from scratch. 

  • Embedded AI

Your device can become smarter if you embed AI. Machine learning models are created for IoT devices. They ensure the model updates and manage them remotely. 

  • Firmware Development

The Embedded system that is based on RTOS requires secure, scalable, robust, and updatable software. The team of embedded services will handle it. Various SBCs (single board computers) and MCUs (Arm-based microcontrollers) are managed by their experts. 

  • IoT Cloud Integrations

The embedded developers can integrate the system with Google Cloud, AWS, custom cloud platforms, and Microsoft Azure. Your authorized devices can be updated remotely. 

Benefits of Using Lemberg Solutions

Outsource your embedded requirements to Lemberg solutions because they have skilled engineers, an in-house hardware lab, flexible cooperation models, 15 years of experience, high standards for security and quality management, flexible cooperation models, and 360-degree service. 


After reading this guide, you must be able to understand properly about different embedded systems. Now, it is time for you to analyze your needs for embedded development and discuss them with the team of experts at Lemberg Solutions: embedded development services. They will help you to match your requirements and create the best fit of solutions for you! 

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