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KlearStack Delivers 2X Improvement In Sales Analytics Tracking For A Large Pharmaceutical Firm

A major pharmaceutical company has been able to achieve 90% field-level accuracy while extracting data leveraging the AI document processing platform “KlearStack.”

KlearStack’s document extraction, interpretation, and straight-through processing platform once again showed its unparalleled application by helping a leading pharmaceutical company gain visibility into distributors’ last-mile sales data. The company is now observing a high improvement in the overall productivity of all departments after more than 90% field-level accuracy was achieved during their data extraction process.

It is a well-known fact that a pharmaceutical firm with 1000s of distributors often faces challenges in tracking the last miles sales and company’s sales promotions tracking of each distributor due to the lack of any viable solution. The pharmaceutical firm in question was entangled in a manual back and forth between the pharmaceutical firm and distributors, which led to increased delays and potential mistrust. Due to questions about the effectiveness of promotional schemes, the firm was left in a rabbit hole as it struggled to truly measure the impact of its promotional schemes.

After the introduction of KlearStack’s data processing capabilities, the pharmaceutical firm is now able to successfully automate their data extraction from documents for all 1500 distributors all across the country. 

KlearStack AI collected and validated data from these invoices, which are created in a variety of forms, using a unique template-less ML technology. The data was then made available for download in excel format for the sales operations team, making it easier to analyze and, as a result, make vital strategical critical decisions on time.

KlearStack made it easier for their distributors to print invoices which can then be stamped and signed by the customers as proof of delivery. The distributors could then take the photographs of the proofs of delivery/ invoices and upload them to the KlearStack AI platform which is then readily made available to the sales operation team of Pharma company in real-time, enabling them to collect and analyze all the data in one single place.

The results were extremely pleasing to the company’s executives, as more than 60% of the accuracy was attained through processing. KlearStack has once again demonstrated its capacity to comprehend data on documents contextually, extract it accurately, and store it on the backend without the need for human interaction, thanks to its Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) capabilities.

As automation has invaded every field today, whether it is manufacturing, shipping, finance, retail, or healthcare, the need for a tool like KlearStack to ensure cost efficiency and enhance productivity can no longer be denied.

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Used by leading firms and Fortune 500 companies in banking, trade, invoice processing, inventory management, supply chain automation, and more, KlearStack is multiple award-winning AI-based solution known to eliminate 98% of manual work and promises 90% accuracy in 90 days.

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