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Kiwi Blockchain Raises Over $100 Million in Under six minutes for Start-up Centrality

After a successful pre-sale at the end of 2017, Centrality , Auckland based venture studio, launches CENNZ token with record-breaking sell-out.

Centrality received overwhelming demand for their CENNZ token, with more than 8000 buyers registering via the know-your-customer (KYC) and anti-money-laudering (AML) screening service provided by Blockhaus and SingleSource.

“More than $262,000,000USD was pledged to the contract, making this one of the most popular ICOs of all time” said Aaron McDonald, CEO and Co-founder of Centrality.

“We’ve worked closely with our trusted investment advisors, CTIA to ensure that we delivered a result that was fair and equitable to our investors. Even when demand outweighed supply, we stuck to our values and didn’t raise the price of the token, keeping the hard cap at $100,000,000 to both our pre, and main sales. We believe this is enough to deliver our goal of ‘creating tomorrow together’.”

Starting in July 2016, Centrality is a venture studio who’s partnering with leading innovators in key industries to create a marketplace of applications. These applications allow consumers to manage everyday tasks and experiences using peer-to-peer transactions – all via one login and using blockchain-enabled infrastructure.

A token sale, or what is commonly referred to as a ‘Token Generating Event’ or ‘TGE’, is an evolution of the unregulated Initial Coin Offering (ICO) crowd funding model. The money raised during Centrality’s token sale will be used to expand their network, increase the number of users on the platform and encourage more developers to build exciting applications on the Centrality blockchain platform.

“The completion of our token main sale will enable us to accelerate platform development and scale our venture model into new international markets, said Aaron McDonald, CEO of Centrality.

Centrality have an advantage over other blockchain companies because they have an established portfolio of blockchain-ready applications on their marketplace; many already have an existing user base and are generating revenue. The applications in the Centrality marketplace have been hand-picked so that they all work together to help each other grow, creating a powerful, one-of-a-kind ecosystem.

Formed by a world-leading team of entrepreneurs, with significant experience in building and managing billion-dollar technology businesses. Centrality’s technical team come from leading tech companies, blockchain companies and universities such as Alibaba, Baidu, XERO, Google, IOTA, HYPERLEDGER and Consensys.

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