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KISS PR Emerges as the Best Press Release Distribution Site for Resellers Worldwide

KISS PR Emerges as the Best Press Release Distribution Site for Resellers Worldwide

In a significant leap forward, KISS PR Brand Story has firmly established its position as the best press release distribution partner, with a brand-new service meticulously tailored for resellers. This groundbreaking initiative, steered by the visionary Forbes Council Member Qamar Zaman, promises to revolutionise the way resellers engage with their clients in the digital communication landscape.

The digital realm is rife with businesses vying for visibility. Recognising the challenges resellers face in carving a niche for their clients, KISS PR’s service has been designed to harness the power of its vast distribution network. This allows resellers to provide unparalleled value, ensuring their clients’ stories rise above the noise.

“As the dynamics of the digital world evolve, the need for impactful press release distribution has never been greater. Our dedication to being the best press release distribution site is unwavering, and our new offering for resellers is a testament to that commitment,” remarked Qamar Zaman, the driving force behind KISS PR.

Why KISS PR is the Reseller’s First Choice as Best Press Release Distribution Trusted Partner:

  • Unrivalled Network: Tap into KISS PR’s extensive distribution channels, covering major news entities, seasoned journalists, and influential digital platforms.
  • Optimised Pricing: A cost structure designed keeping resellers in mind, ensuring optimal ROI for every campaign undertaken.
  • Expert Support: Benefit from KISS PR’s seasoned team, always ready to guide in crafting and disseminating the ideal press release.
  • In-depth Reporting: Comprehensive analytics and feedback, allowing resellers to showcase tangible outcomes to their clientele.

KISS PR Brand Story, with its legacy of excellence, is steadfast in its mission to empower businesses to tell their tales far and wide. This reseller-centric service further underscores their dedication to innovation in an ever-evolving digital domain.

Resellers keen on capitalising on this game-changing service are urged to get in touch with KISS PR to discover the myriad possibilities.

The KISS PR Reseller Press Release Ecosystem sets itself apart in the vast sea of digital marketing solutions available today. What makes it truly unique?

  • Veteran Expertise: This isn’t just another platform thrown into the market. It’s the brainchild of seasoned SEO experts with more than twenty years of experience in the digital marketing sphere. Their collective knowledge has been poured into this platform, ensuring it’s not just another tool, but a well-crafted solution.
  • Tried and Tested: The KISS PR Story isn’t based on mere hypotheses. It’s rooted in a decade’s worth of rigorous testing with press releases. The results speak for themselves – over 100 websites ranked on the first page of Google, even when leveraging “No Follow” backlinks.
  • White Label Excellence: The platform offers a 100% White Label Newsroom, a feature that is a boon for SEO and PR agencies. This lets them host a variety of content types, from press releases to blogs, all under their own brand or their client’s, ensuring a consistent brand image.
  • Comprehensive Features: Beyond the White Label Newsroom, the platform offers white-label SEO reports, the integration of on-page SEO factors, and branded newsrooms that can be linked directly to social sites. The customisation possibilities are vast, from brand colour alignment to embedding multimedia elements like YouTube videos and Google Maps.
  • Unrivalled Reach: It’s not just about creating press releases; it’s about ensuring they reach the right audience. KISS PR guarantees this by distributing press releases to leading media giants, including Yahoo News, AP News, GlobeNews, and Bloomberg, covering a network of over 1,000 news sites.

In essence, the KISS PR Reseller Press Release Ecosystem is not just unique but also unparalleled in its offering. For professionals in SEO, PR, and marketing, this is not just a tool; it’s a game-changer.

About KISS PR Brand Story:

Under the guidance of Qamar Zaman, KISS PR Brand Story has risen as a beacon in the press release distribution sector. With an unwavering passion for storytelling, they have continually enabled brands to narrate their stories to a worldwide audience. As pioneers of change, KISS PR continues its quest to redefine press release distribution.

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