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Kirill Tsarev, First Deputy Chairman of the Board of Sberbank: “Customer Loyalty Is the Priority”

Customer Loyalty Is the Priority”

Millions of customers trust and prefer Sberbank, and there are several reasons for that. People benefit from handy applications with a user-friendly interface. They can make a purchase, check the status of their account, apply for a consumer loan, and perform many other functions whenever they want from any location using a smartphone.

Kirill Tsarev oversees the B2C segment at Sberbank. Largely owing to him, the bank regularly launches new tools and services. Over time, it systematically enhances them to improve client experience. For example, Sber’s team realizes well that customers want to have an opportunity to choose the most convenient of several payment methods and transfer funds in a hassle-free manner and with minimal time expenses. Some prefer to use a card, and others a smartphone. Recently, the bank has added biometrics to the range of the available solutions — and the fans of new technologies are increasingly opting for it.

New Services That Will Soon Be Available to the Public

Sber is about to launch the opportunity to issue a car loan online. Customers will be able to fill out a questionnaire in the bank’s online app. If the car loan is approved, the money will reach the customer’s debit account on the day of submitting the application. In addition, the experts of this service can help to choose a new or second-hand vehicle.

According to Kirill Tsarev, First Deputy Chairman of the Board of Sberbank, the bank is planning to release another remarkable product. It is ready to start the development of an irrevocable savings certificate. Owing to this innovation, people will be able to place their funds in banks for a period of more than three years. The interest rate on these deposits will be higher than on conventional ones. Moreover, the state will insure the funds in an amount twice as high as for conventional deposits, providing additional security.

Artificial Intelligence at the Service of Human-Centricity

Sber offers multiple and diverse tools, and even an experienced employee might fail to list them all by heart. Using your smartphone, you can take out a loan in a matter of minutes, pay for a purchase, choose a property, or find an object for investment. But how is it possible to offer the client exactly what they need?

Artificial intelligence comes to the rescue here. Sberbank has a reputation as the most technologically advanced company in the country for using AI technologies to improve the quality and efficiency of customer service. When a client contacts the bank, AI analyzes their credit record and financial situation. Based on the data collected, AI offers a selection of tools that might be of interest to the client.

Kirill Tsarev, the top manager of Sberbank, believes that AI needs to be introduced into all banking processes. By now, the use of AI technologies has made it possible to fully automate the retail and mortgage lending processes. In most cases, artificial intelligence helps to avoid delays associated with document collection for the client. It has also simplified the search for suitable housing. The DomClick service immediately offers the client the property corresponding to their financial situation and lifestyle.

AI technologies allow specialists to accurately predict the workload of call centers and create an optimal schedule for operators, ensuring efficient service delivery. The speech analyzer is used to assess the client’s morale during a conversation as well as prevent or resolve a conflict. Dedicated solutions can determine whether an employee has begun to develop professional burnout and needs rest or psychological help.

Taking care of the comfort of customers and employees fully corresponds to the concept of human-centricity. It is the basis of Sberbank’s development strategy. Kirill Tsarev formulates the bank’s main goal as follows: “Customer loyalty is the priority for us. After all, we want to be with the client throughout their life, justifying their trust year by year.”

Brief Biography

Kirill Tsarev was born in St. Petersburg. He has two degrees in the fields of economics and law. He has been working in commercial structures since he was a student.

In 2011, Kirill Tsarev was invited to join Sberbank. By that moment, he already had experience in the banking sector. He had headed a large company and had been the president of the United Leasing Association. At Sberbank, Kirill Tsarev first managed a subsidiary specializing in leasing. In 2018, he took the position of Vice President. In 2022, he was assigned to be the First Deputy Chairman of the Board of Sberbank. He oversees the Retail Business and Wealth Management units.

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