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Kingdom Valley Islamabad kingdom heights: A Detailed Analysis

Kingdom Valley Islamabad


Kingdom Heights will be a potential housing development in Kingdom Valley Islamabad, and construction of the block will soon start. Additionally, this eco-friendly development will provide a range of facilities, from the most basic to the most extravagant, including terrace dining options, garages, a pool house, a gymnasium, and shops. 

The creators’ focus on security measures to guarantee a healthy life for all shareholders is another excellent aspect. Soon, further details about the initiative will become public. A region with high living standards and a beautiful setting, where existence appreciates individuality. 

Here is a brief overview of Kingdom Valley Islamabad and the perks that it has for investors. 

Kingdom Heights Developers:

The famous construction firm Kingdom Group has introduced this incredible residential initiative. The head of this residential building is Mr Ghulam Hussain Shahid. Moreover, Pakistani real estate developments by Kingdom Valley builders have been of the highest calibre in the past. Focusing on fundamental principles like client service, honesty, competence, and high-quality work are members of this group.

The Lawful Initiative:

The NOC for Kingdom Valley has formally acquired NPHS with the identity num “DRG/PHATA/2176-2021.” Property investment projects with approval are more likely to move forward rapidly. Additionally, it validates the project’s authenticity. Anyone interested in partnering with the project can individually verify the Kingdom Heights NOC certification on the relevant institutions’ online webpage.

Ideal Location

According to Kingdom Valley Islamabad location, Kingdom Heights is located in one of the most prime location. This enviable position dramatically increases the value of the properties for sale in Society. 

Furthermore, the  Lahore-Islamabad motorway passes right by the community, which is a good location. In addition to being site evident, numerous significant housing complexes, noteworthy gardens, and places from twin cities are close to the neighbourhood.

Acc6ess Points

  •  Five minutes from Jinnah Avenue
  •  Five minutes from Chakri Road
  • Nineteen minutes from Faisal Avenue
  • Twenty-four minutes from Adiala Road
  •  Twenty-five minutes proximity from Islamabad Airport
  • Twenty-Six-minutes from the Rawat-Chakbeli Avenue

Remarkable Masterplan

To the floors towards the lounge room, kingdom heights have designed to meet the requirements to ensure that the family is secure in the new environment. It provides every amenity and facility a contemporary family may desire. 

The project has created by qualified interior planners and constructors using premium building supplies. The block will raise the living styles of the customers by offering them state-of-the-art security, a curving perspective, and sophisticated decor, with several conveniences and services.

Amenities And Services

The builders of this residential development continuously strive to give residents all the amenities seen in Pakistan’s most affluent communities. Additionally, these elements will satisfy the requirements of the citizens and investors.

Secured & Gated Society

Among the main worries of today’s citizens in any culture is stability. Therefore, the Society developers have built a border wall to enclose the community and give its residents a safe atmosphere. In addition, security officers and Cctv surveillance will be deployed in every community neighbourhood so that future inhabitants might reside in peace.

Provision of Essential

the basic utilities like continuous provision of water for daily use, gas, and power which all the needs of life will be accessible all the time in Society. An efficient sewage infrastructure and proper disposing waste are crucial in any civilization. Consequently, this neighbourhood will have one of the city’s finest sewage disposal and sewage systems.

Learning & Healthcare Facilities

The community will accommodate the branches of significant academic institutions, such as the Girls Chakri Campus Superior College, the Global School System, and the higher studies Usman Institute. The fundamental right to medical care for every person is a primary demand. Futuristic society members will have access to health services such as medical centres and pharmacies.

Extravagant lifestyle

The dwelling development aims to provide customers and their families with a luxurious living and all the conveniences one could want. So that buyers can live happily ever after in their new homes.

Closeness To Significant Site

Being close to two major cities is among the region’s significant benefits. Another benefit is this gated community’s proximity to important locations like shops and all major sites.

Provision Of Instalments Plans

The versatile instalment plan is another essential benefit of land ownership in this residential project. The investment has been made simple and reasonable by their four-year instalment plan. Moreover, Kingdom Valley payment plan for Kingdom Heights makes it an ideal opportunity for all those who want to own an apartment in Kingdom Valley. 

Amazing Features

  • Highrise Buildings
  • Themed Park
  • Top-Notch Infrastructure
  • Saloons and Parlours
  • Indoor and outdoor Gymnasium
  • Solar Street Lights
  • Aesthetic Architecture
  • Masjids
  • Authorized Society


This block combines efficiency and modernism in a way buyers never imagined. Developers are setting a new baseline for Society by introducing a new level of living. Investment in a home enables customers to create memories that will last a generation.

 Buyers deserve the most amazing home for their life; design a house so one can dwell peacefully. A healthy atmosphere and healthy life result from having a well-equipped residence.

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