Kinetic Pro Watch Review– Is This Smartwatch Legit or Cheap Fitness Tracker?

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As a result of technological advancements, people are becoming healthier. People can track their fitness progress in several ways. A smartphone can be used to measure one’s heart rate, nutrition, and sleep with a few swipes. Many people, however, still require the use of a phone or other device to monitor their health and wellness.

Lost time, as the saying goes, is lost forever. The proverbial watch will keep ticking irrespective of what one wears, but smartwatches are gaining popularity because they can do so much more than keep track of the time. The best smartwatches help people live a healthy life, and the Kinetic Pro Watch is not just affordable but comes with a plethora of extremely useful functions.

What exactly is a Kinetic Pro Watch and how does it function?

The Kinetic Pro Watch is part of a growing wave of smart devices that are changing the way people live today. This smartwatch displays the time as well as important health indicators. Simply put the Kinetic Pro Watch on their wrist like any other watch, and it will keep them constantly updated on their health status.

This, in turn, helps one achieve fitness goals by actively allowing them to make changes based on the information provided by the Kinetic Smartwatch.

The Kinetic Pro Watch is the first smartwatch designed to track people’s health and fitness. It’s the perfect accessory for anyone who wants to stay on top of their health game. This watch has several features that will help you get healthy and stay fit.

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Is it a fitness tracker or a smartwatch?

Until now, distinguishing between a fitness tracker and a smartwatch was fairly simple. A fitness tracker is a simple band that contains several sensors that send data to a smartphone, where it can be analyzed and decisions made. On the other hand, a smartwatch is essentially a miniature version of their smartphone, allowing them to check texts, emails, and other notifications without having to pull out their phone. As technology has advanced and competition among various companies has grown, we’ve seen a gradual convergence of these two devices.

Because of this advancement, fitness trackers have become more complex, with larger screens and the ability to receive smartphone notifications. Surprisingly, smartwatches are incorporating fitness and health features to provide even more value to their users.

While fitness trackers have traditionally been used to track health and activity, newer, larger screens allow users to read and, in some cases, respond to messages.

As the market becomes more competitive, smartwatches appear to be aimed at those who are more concerned with our fashion and appearance than with our fitness. It may be difficult to admit, but many of us prioritize the appearance of our watches, even if it means foregoing smart/fitness features.

What Is the Kinetic Smart Watch’s Purpose?

The Kinetic Pro Watch is a small computer worn on the wrist. Because of the Kinetic Smartwatch’s smart sensors, which are always with the users if they wear it all day, they will have access to real-time health information.

It is no longer necessary to invest in specialized medical equipment to gain insight into one’s heart rate, the number of steps taken each day, or the number of calories expended. Simply replace one “traditional” watch that only tells the time with the Kinetic Pro Watch which is about the size of a regular watch.

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Who Is the Kinetic Pro Watch Intended For?

The Kinetic Pro Watch is primarily aimed at seniors. After all, as people age, keeping track of their health becomes more important than ever, and the Kinetic Smartwatch’s clear display has a large font that helps obtain essential health data easily.

The Kinetic Pro Watch, on the other hand, has a timeless modern appearance that appeals to almost everyone. The Kinetic Pro Watch can also assist joggers and those who are just beginning their weight loss journey. The Kinetic Pro Watch is less expensive than other smartwatches, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a smartwatch without the high price tag.

The watch is intended for anyone who has ever desired constant access to their fitness objectives. If you want to stay on track with your exercise goals, this watch is a fantastic option. It’s also suitable for people who have a hectic schedule. This watch allows you to track your progress while you’re out and about.

Kinetic Pro Smartwatch Specifications

The Kinetic Pro Watch is equipped with the following features:

Reminders: To ensure that one does not forget, the smartwatch constantly reminds them of what they need to do next. It also provides helpful guidance on how to proceed.

Monitoring of Heart Rates: The watch monitors their heart rate and alerts them if there is an unusual increase or decrease. This feature is intended to help users control their level of physical activity by tracking their heart rate over time and displaying the average rate for each day, week, or month.

The watch will alert you to changes in your heart rate throughout the day, and you can get more information about it by touching the screen.

Goals for Fitness: Staying active is essential for staying in shape. It’s critical to set goals and track their progress if you want to keep moving forward. A Kinetic fitness watch is a one-of-a-kind way to accomplish this.

The Kinetic Pro Watch has an easy-to-read display that allows users to track their daily objectives. It can also be used to stay on track with a weekly or monthly fitness routine.

Sleep Monitoring: In order to live a happy life, it is critical to keep track of their sleeping patterns. It is necessary for maintaining physical and mental health. This programme can be used to learn more about one’s sleeping habits. It will give you a detailed breakdown of how much time you spent in deep sleep, light sleep, and REM sleep.

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Features of Kinetic Pro Watch

  • The package includes a cable for USB charging.
  • Has memory back up for seven days.
  • Has OLED with touch-screen operation.
  • Sweat and Splash-proof, which means that the device does not stop working if it gets wet.
  • Functional and sleek design
  • Compatible with Android and iOS
  • Available in several colors
  • Provides accurate data on heart rate
  • Has easy-to-navigate features
  • Can be worn to bed and it monitors sleep patterns
  • Tracks body temperature and heart health
  • Warns the user when it detects any health issue
  • Suitable for everyone
  • Battery life is long
  • Analyzes pulse rate
  • Montiors blood oxygen
  • Notifies of messages and calls

Benefits of the Kinetic Smart Watch

It is waterproof and can be worn while showering or bathing.

Because it is made of high-quality materials, it is more durable than other watches in the same price range. It has a long battery life and can last several days on a single charge.

Visibility – The screen is large enough to see details clearly without straining; Friendly Material – The watch strap is made of silicone, which is soft and does not irritate the skin. Overall, this wristwatch is ideal for people who care about their health and want to easily track their fitness progress!

Price – The Kinetic Pro Watch may be too expensive for some people.

Purchase & Cost – Customers who make New Year’s resolutions to improve their health will find the Kinetic Pro Watch useful in tracking their progress. The company provides a number of options for purchasing a single watch or in bulk:

One Kinetic Pro Watch costs $59.99, two cost $109.99, three cost $129.99, and four cost $149.99.

Customers can also sign up for a membership and receive a 30-day free trial of a fitness app to get extra assistance and motivation from personal trainers. Customers can also add four free users for a $39.99 monthly fee.

For an additional $19.98, the Kinetic Pro Smart Watch comes with a lifetime warranty.


Is it worth it to purchase the watch?

A. The Kinetic Pro Watch allows users to set daily goals and move at their own pace. The touch screen responds quickly, and the watch screen is flawless and precise. Furthermore, the watch will vibrate when the user achieves a predefined goal.

This smartwatch is water-resistant and has a battery life of up to 7 days on a single charge. It also has a heart rate monitor built in. This feature works well and allows the user to monitor their heart rate while exercising or relaxing. The watch’s settings can be customised to suit the wearer’s preferences. It’s well worth the money.

Is it efficient?

A. It serves several functions and can provide users with real-time health information. The watch has sensors that detect all of the wearer’s movements, heart rate, sleep hours, and body temperature to provide precise health information.


Get a Kinetic Pro Watch today because it is lightweight, comfortable, and easily adjustable to fit any wrist size. Those who want to get in shape can benefit from a program that tracks their fitness and heart rate. It can also help one gain a better understanding of their own health.

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