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Kickstarter Campaign For Queen Alora and The Springtime Dove Annoucned


Pamela Brogden, a healthcare professional on the east coast of the United States and an aspiring children’s book author, just announced a Kickstarter campaign for her upcoming book, which is titled Queen Alora and the Springtime Dove.


Pamela Brogden began by writing lyrics to songs in her journal, which soon developed into a passion for literature, leading to her producing books for children that were top sellers. Pamela Brogden, an established medical professional, wrote the first edition of her book, If My Tennie and I Were Ten, for her grandmother’s 87th birthday in 2021. The book was subsequently published in August of that same year. After that, she didn’t look back and was encouraged by the overwhelming support of her loved ones and close friends. She dove headfirst into the world of writing and self-publishing.

Her primary goal is to address the challenges that young children experience in today’s world, and she also wants to inspire young people to pursue their passions in the same way that one of her teachers did for her. Pamela’s high school English instructor is responsible for igniting her interest in poetry and empowering her to begin writing.

Pamela’s journey, which includes everything from being inspired by her daughter’s illustrations to influencing the minds of young people, is not only inspiring but has also resulted in a shift in her own life.

She has decided to reward all of her supporters who contribute to the Kickstarter campaign to achieve her goal of making the campaign a tremendous success. The incentives consist of a tote, a digital reward, and a hardcover book. LED light-up wand and stickers are also included. During the campaign, add-ons will be made available. By clicking on the link provided, one can take part in the Kickstarter campaign.

While addressing the media, she stated, A book is unknowingly one of the best gifts you can give someone. After a hurricane destroyed all of my poems, I decided to give up writing and focus instead on reading. However, when I was in high school, I had a teacher who always pushed me to pursue my interests, and I hope that I can do the same for all of my readers.”

The story of Queen Alora follows a young black queen as she navigates the trials of friendship and leadership on her journey to become a mature and powerful leader. Children from three to eight years old will benefit the most from reading this book, which aims to encourage and inspire young minds to comprehend how they might utilize their privilege to make the lives of others more joyful. 

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About Pamela Brogden

Pamela Brogden is an aspiring author of children’s books and a healthcare worker who lives on the East Coast of the United States. Although she had always had an interest in writing and has always had a passion for poetry, the process of authoring her original work has not been an easy one. A project that was sparked by drawing inspiration from her cherished teenage daughter, writing a book has brought an immeasurable change in her life. Even though she has always had an interest in writing and has always had a passion for poetry, the process of authoring her first work has not been an easy one. Pamela’s other interests, besides writing, include bowling, playing trivia games, and experimenting with new recipes with her daughter. Even though she has always had a knack for writing poems and other forms of creative writing, she had always believed that she would either become a teacher or a singer.


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