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KIA Extended Warranty: Who Needs It?

Just like many car manufacturers, Kia extended warranty has been launched to provide maximum value for its customers. Before car owners opt for an extended warranty from Kia, they must understand its benefits.

What is an extended warranty?

An extended warranty can also be called a maintenance agreement, a service contract, or a service agreement. This is usually a lengthy warranty that service providers offer car owners in addition to the existing warranty that they have. A car manufacturer, a car dealer, or a warranty administrator offers an extended warranty.

The extended market warranty market

In 2016, people spent about $23 billion on product protection packages while $17 billion was spent on car service contracts by consumers. In the US, the extended warranties market is among the biggest money spinners. How does an extended warranty work for a car owner? Why should they get one? To understand these questions, it is important to know the benefits of extended warranties.

Kia extended warranty: What are the benefits?

Kia isn’t the only car manufacturer that offers its customers valuable extended warranties. Other car companies offer a similar service. The benefits of an extended warranty include:

Helps you maintain your vehicle for a long time: You should get a Kia extended warranty if you look to keep the vehicle for a long time. With an extended warranty from Kia, the owner can get the right coverage which goes beyond the period of the warranty. With an extended warranty, customers get a vehicle protection plan that ensures that they use their vehicles hassle-free and smoothly.

Repairs are cheaper with an extended warranty: If you keep your vehicle for a long time, it can usually run into many problems. This will all accumulate to make repairs very costly. Also, this will make all your service appointments very inconvenient and tiresome. If you plan to keep your vehicle for a long time, the cost of maintenance will certainly increase as there will usually be more repairs over time. When have a Kia extended warranty, helps you to save money on all these costs.

Total customer satisfaction: One of the most valuable aspects of having an extended warranty is that you get peace of mind. When it comes to getting an extended warranty, owners are expected to pay slightly more. When you have an extended warranty, your mind will be at rest. Owners are confident that if their vehicles get damaged, the total repair costs will be covered.

Buying options: Many car buyers usually think that they will have to get their extended warranty packages from the vehicle’s OEM or an authorized dealer. This is not true. Car owners are free to purchase their extended warranties from different other service providers with more competitive warranty offers. This means that consumers can analyze the various coverage plans and be able to choose the right products.

Coverage options: When it comes to extended warranties, car buyers usually have a wide range of options. Many service providers usually offer extended warranty services to cater for the original expired warranty. Each car owner has their own needs. Many car warranty service providers offer various coverage options. But this kind of coverage shouldn’t be confused with traditional auto insurance coverage. For instance, your Kia Forte auto insurance won’t have the same type of coverage for parts you might find in a warranty. This is why each customer should shop around for the best car warranties that suit their needs.

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