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Investing in fake grass for dogs certainly comes with many benefits today. Unlike traditional grass, artificial turfs are very easy to clean. Some of them come with a drainage system, which helps to remove water through the ground below after water hosing them. Furthermore, fake grasses are pest-free and very healthy for your dogs.

However, for your pets to enjoy the aforementioned goodies and many more, you need to buy the right artificial turf for sale. This brings us to the question of what factors influence the choice of suitable fake grass for dogs. Continue reading this blog to find all you should know about this grass-related question.

1.  Quality & durability

One important factor worth considering when choosing artificial turf for sale is “quality/durability”. This is especially true if your dogs are too playful. Your pets can always engage in different activities that can take a toll on your turf. As such, you’ll only have peace of mind when you go for products that come with high-quality synthetic grass. This type of turf is long-lasting and can handle your pet’s daily adventures without wearing out quickly.

2.  Drainage system

A drainage system is one of the most important features of a reliable fake grass for dogs today. This system works by helping to eliminate water from the ground below after washing. Of course, there are many reasons why choosing artificial turf with a drainage system matters:

  • First, the drainage system helps to quickly eliminate odor from the grass. This odor is usually due to your pet’s urine. The drainage system prevents the urine from accumulating and causing unpleasant odors.
  • Furthermore, proper drainage is crucial, as it makes cleaning your turf a lot easier. That’s not all; it also helps to prevent the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria around your grass. This buildup can make your environment unsafe for your pets and your family members.

That said, when choosing artificial turf for sale today ensure to choose a durable and quality product that features a drainage system. Some features worth looking for when checking for drainage systems are perforated backing and drainage holes.

3.  Materials

Materials certainly matter when buying your artificial turf for pets today. As earlier mentioned, pet dogs tend to get involved in activities that can take a toll on the fake grass. If the material is not of high quality, the turf will likely wear and tear quickly. Go for high-quality synthetic turf, as they’re made to withstand your pet’s adventures and last for a longer period.

High-quality materials alone aren’t enough. In addition, you need to check and be sure they’re pet-friendly. If you or your dogs have allergies, make sure to check and be sure the material is allergen-free.

4.  Realistic appearance

Since you’re buying fake grass for dogs, you certainly need to focus on a product that has a realistic appearance as traditional grass. Natural-looking fake grass will attract your dogs more quickly than other aesthetic-looking products.

5.  Pile height

Like the aforementioned factors, pile height also matters when buying your artificial turf today. If you’re buying fake grass for dogs, the general rule is to go for products with shorter pile heights. Shorter heights are pretty easy to clean and maintain. Besides, they will give your pets a stable surface to do their adventures.

6.  Other factors

Other factors worth considering when choosing the right artificial turf for sale at Lita Artificial Grass include:

  • Warranty
  • Requirements for maintenance
  • Heat resistance
  • Comfort

By putting all the aforementioned factors in mind when shopping for fake grass for dogs, you’ll be able to choose the ideal product that meets your pet’s needs.

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