Key Benefits Of The Margard Coated Sheets And It’s Uses

Polycarbonate Scratch Proof Margard Grade Sheets are 250 times more effective- impenetrable as compared to glass. On account of retaining 30 times more effective receptivity than the acrylic sheets, these are restoring acrylic sheets in many utilizations. Lexan, a verified motif of SABIC Global Technologies, is noted to depict the superior type Polycarbonate scratch-proof Margard grade sheets selection. SABIC proffers superintended laminate goods and thermoplastic sheet substances that can minimize the part weight and encounter the requirements and directions of the indoor air, rail, and bus applications. Their usage is vast-ranging in several manufacturing industries, establishments, customer electronics, skilled glazing, aviation, rail, etc. 

One of the most famous preventive varnishing explanations in the world, LEXAN™ MARGARD™  integrates high-influence intensity, defacement receptivity, and better all-weather functioning. The covering is also, concurrently, nearly uniform to the Polyguard Anti-Scratch Plastic product. Alike LEXAN™ MARGARD™, Polyguard is a Polycarbonate Sheet with a solid layered external providing similar resistance and advantages. Also similar to LEXAN™ MARGARD™, Polyguard is created to grant exquisite potential opposing the disintegrating, performance deprivation, defacement, and yellowing provoked by coarse environmental situations. Although considering that LEXAN™ MARGARD™  is tough to acquire to clench of and only accessible indefinite dimensions, the Peeraguard Protected Sheet can be cut to any size and even included on oversize sheets up to 4 meters in length.

As a result of this resilience, merged with extensive visual precision and a persistent, extent with a pencil toughness of 6H, Polyguard is turning into one the most in-demand, anti-scrape plastic sheets obtainable in the UK market.

Various kinds Of Lexan Scratch Proof Margard Grade Sheets

  • LEXAN™ MARGARD™  TM sheet – 2 sides coated MR 10, MRX
  • LEXAN™ MARGARD™  sheet – 1 side coated MR51, MR101LG,
  • LEXAN™ MARGARD™  sheet – high 0Q 1 side coated – HLG5, HLGA3

Main traits Of Lexan Polycarbonate Scratch Proof Margard Grade

  • Corrosion-defiant
  • UV-defiant
  • Practically durable
  • Notable impact intensity
  • Blaze Retardance
  • Exceptional chemical intensity
  • Insubstantial
  • High Weather-Resistant
  • Sublime clarity and light Transmission

Basic advantages Of The Margard Coated Sheet

The features and configuration of this kind of matter mean that it has high chemical intensity, impact resistance, abrasion resistance, and UV resistance. Thus, in the case of fire, another of its traits is flame retardant, acting as a flame retardant element. Also, it is a product and a material that resists very well to weathering and has excellent clarity and light transmission capacity. Finally, it is lightweight and lightweight and also has a limited warranty against loss of light transmission, coating failure, and breakage.

It expresses low baiting than the uncoated polycarbonate sheets as well as meets with all the major model building codes. These sheets comply with Consumer Product Safety Commission’s Safety Standards for architectural glazing materials. MR5E sheets are globally known for providing high impact strength, graffiti resistance, forced entry protection, all-weather suitability. Formable LEXAN™ MARGARD™  sheets are finding a place in innovative applications because of having unique properties to be drape formed, laminated or cold curved.

Key Applications 

With all the key advantages, LEXAN™ MARGARD™  coated sheet has a load of uses in the plastics market, although, due to the properties and characteristics of its composition, the main applications for this material are: it acts as a protective element being an anti-vandal and security glazing; it is used in security visors and face shields, it also serves in motorcycle windshields and aircraft windows; as glazing inside trains, as security and B&C glazing it is present in aircraft, building, construction, and railroad interiors, and it serves as a protective element for machines and as an anti-noise barrier for roads, railroads, and airports.

In summary, now that you know the uses and applications of this material, as well as the main advantages that differentiate it from other plastic finishes available on the market, don’t hesitate any longer. LEXAN™ MARGARD™  covering sheet by SABIC is what you need to give an extra added value, safety, and aesthetics to any element that requires a finishing of this type of material.

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