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KEXY Streamlines Supply and Distribution in the Hospitality Industry

Managing a bar or restaurant is hard enough when you haven’t added supply chain issues to the equation. Add the complexity of finding the right products at the right price and what was already a challenging responsibility becomes a herculean task.

Scott Graham, KEXY co-founder, and CEO has worked in the hospitality industry for over 20 years and is familiar with the challenges that supply chain issues can cause.

“I know firsthand how inefficient operations and communications have led to the worst supply chain issues that restaurants, distributors, and brands have ever faced, says Graham. “These problems are interconnected. Restaurants lose money by tracking inventory inefficiently. Distributors miss out on 20% of sales opportunities due to a lack of information. By law, brands cannot directly sell to restaurants. This limits their ability to market their products widely.”

Graham believes that the hospitality industry can be a better place for everyone. In an effort to replace the current outdated system with one that serves all parties along the supply chain, he built KEXY to streamline supply and distribution.

What is KEXY?

KEXY is an all-in-one marketplace that bridges the gap between retailers, distributors, and brands in hospitality. The platform functions as an inventory management system for retailers, a sales platform for distributors, and a marketing tool for brands.

This restaurant management app reduces the time it takes to do inventory and order by up to 85%. With KEXY, distributors can also post product deals quickly, making it easy for restaurants and retailers to find and purchase the products they need. KEXY also offers a niche, ultra-targeted marketing channel that makes it easier for brands to put their products in front of the right audiences. Using this feature, brands can multiply their ROI by up to 10%.

Benefits of KEXY

  • Efficiency

KEXY is designed to improve efficiency in the hospitality industry. It makes it easy for the involved parties to carry out their operations. Most importantly, they can minimize losses and instead generate more income. This is all possible because the platform allows you to spend less time developing inventory. 

For example, if you are running a restaurant business, this platform makes it easy to run your inventory. With direct access to distributors or vendors, you will spend less time looking for the best supplier. Simply log into the platform and choose a vendor with the best offer. 

  • No limitations 

Brands tend to be limited when it comes to market reach by the laws of the country. Unfortunately, they cannot market or sell their products directly. KEXY offers a loophole that brands can leverage to improve their market reach

  • Global

This platform was crafted to improve operations and communications in the hospitality sector both locally and internationally. As such, wherever you are in the world, you can leverage this tool to improve operations in your business. You can also use it to streamline inventory management. 

  • Versatile 

If your business falls in the hospitality sector, whether it deals with food or beverages, you can use this tool. That’s because it connects you to retailers for both food and drinks. Having said that, liquor stores, restaurants, and bars are some of the businesses that can use this tool. 

  • Time-saving 

A significant amount of the losses that businesses in the hospitality sector experience come from the procurement process. More specifically, managing inventory costs a lot of money if you don’t have a robust tool to assist you with the process. With KEXY, you don’t have to worry about such losses. 

That’s because they leverage technological developments in the industry to offer you everything in one place. This tool connects distributors, restaurants, and retailers. Thanks to the KEXY team, you can manage your inventory fast and efficiently without leaving the platform. It also costs less to leverage this tool for such services. 

  • Easy-to-use application

You don’t have to carry your PC around to make orders. Simply download the KEXY application and manage all your inventory through your smartphone. The app is also detailed to ensure you have everything at hand. 


Why are many restaurants migrating to KEXY?

  • Efficient inventory management 

Dead stock is a major cause of losses in businesses. It’s actually also the main reason behind the collapse of various businesses. If you are leveraging this tool for inventory management, then you don’t have to worry about dead stock. It allows you to identify areas with potential for losses and helps you minimize the accumulation of dead stock. 

Thanks to it, you will have less waste, better inventory tracking, and efficient management of deliveries and orders. This tool makes your work easier and protects you from the stress of managing an inventory. 

  • Flawless ordering 

Tired of making multiple phone calls a day looking for the best deal on specific products? Well, you should check out the offers at KEXY. This is one of the top reasons why other restaurants are migrating to this platform. It makes their work easy. Instead of managing orders from several platforms, you can do all this in the same place. 

A simple click is all you need to get all the products you’re looking for. There’s no hassle, and the procurement process is seamless. Thanks to this tool, you are left with more time to dedicate to other areas of your business. 

  • Exclusive deals 

Do you know how large chains stay in business? They rely on the power of collective buying. Thanks to this tool, your business can also tap into the same power. You can now reach out to vendors and bargain for exclusive deals. With such power, your business can generate higher profits since you will be getting quality products at less prices. 

Streamline your inventory management with KEXY today

Whether you’re a distributor or restaurant/bar manager, KEXY will help you plug into a valuable network of partners in the hospitality industry. By leveraging these connections, you can make sure that supply chain issues remain a thing of the past. The good news is that the platform is completely free for retailers and offers affordable fees for all other sectors of the hospitality industry. 

Still on the fence about using KEXY? You’ll be happy to hear that this is the only platform that solves supply chain issues for all sectors of the hospitality industry – retailers, suppliers, and distributors.

“Our competition has traditionally maintained an establishment-centric focused mindset,” says Graham. In other words, similar platforms only build tools that address one segment of the market. On the other hand, KEXY is reimagining how the entire hospitality industry works – all along the supply chain.

In addition to registering on the website, you can also join the KEXY community by connecting with them on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook

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