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Kevin Seawright Outlines RPS Solutions LLC’s Mission To Improve Baltimore’s Communities

RPS Solutions LLC

Kevin Seawright is an American entrepreneur, administrative strategist, financial manager, and is the Founder and Vice President of RPS Solutions LLC. RPS Solutions LLC specializes in the fields of asset acquisition and management.

Mr. Seawright, who spent much of his childhood in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, attended Almeda University, and the Mendoza College of Business for Non-Profit Leadership, which is a subsidiary of the University of Notre Dame. Kevin Seawright graduated from Almeda University in 2006, with a Master of Business Administration Degree.

The future entrepreneur began his professional career establishing himself as a knowledgeable, capable, viable professional in his fields of specialty. Early in his career, Mr. Seawright was an influential voice in securing  city and federal funding for an array of community-based initiatives.

As his career progressed, Kevin Seawright would lend his talents and expertise to the city governments, holding multiple positions of leadership. Mr. Seawright would serve in leadership roles regarding property operations for several local government and nonprofit entities and in conjunction, would assume other various official titles and distinctions while working to increase accountability for constituents.

In 2015, Mr. Seawright founded RPS Solutions LLC, with goals of providing affordable housing to the community, and helping people achieve financial independence, through investing. RPS Solutions LLC boasts a staff of qualified, courteous professionals who work with first-time homebuyers, deftly guiding them through the process of investing in real estate.

Among the objectives of the company is to educate the community on the potential benefits of investing in real estate, so that individuals and families may afford themselves the chance to ensure long term financial security for future generations.

Throughout his accomplished career, the respected entrepreneur has been committed to the continued development of the communities in which he serves. Mr. Seawright and RPS Solutions LLC look to help educate the community in regards to financial security, and aid in the development of quality, affordable housing for the community.

What is the goal of RPS Solutions LLC?

Kevin: We’re just passionate about homeownership. We deal with a lot of first-time homebuyers in Baltimore. We’re also trying to give homebuyers an opportunity, a chance to have a home, and also create stability in their neighborhoods. We look at Baltimore City and the surrounding counties from an economic development standpoint. But there’s also the perfection of a home and these first-time homebuyers having something to say that they’re very proud of. 

Right now RPS Solutions is a team of 5. We have Desiree Eades -Jones, who’s a realtor as a part of a full-service model where we try to bring people in and get them through the entire process with a realtor that they can trust. We have a contractor that is going to give all homebuyers a good product, and at a price point that a first-time buyer is able to reach. The goal is homeownership to build the first standpoint of economic wealth, to be quite honest with you. 

What exactly is RPS Solutions LLC?

Kevin: We are an LLC that was crafted in 2015. We look for areas in Baltimore and surrounding counties where we try to find homes that we can invest in, construct and stabilize them and then be able to sell them back to first-time homebuyers at an affordable price point. The main goal is creating homes that people are able to afford, that they’re able to get mortgages for, and that allows them to create wealth and stabilize their community. 

How would you describe yourself, Kevin Seawright?

Kevin: Kevin Seawright is somebody that is passionate about Baltimore. I’ve worked in Baltimore for many, many years at this point. I spent a lot of time in government offices, also did a lot with educational systems. My understanding for those operations really got me to this point. All the knowledge that I got from working with cities taught me what a government needs to function. We also renovated schools to ensure that they could provide structure and opportunity to students in the city.

I originally came up in Philadelphia, to be quite honest with you. So, going to schools that weren’t the best and working for the city, I wanted to make sure that kids had a solid foundation and solid schools around them. Also coming in from a housing standpoint with the operational experience, looked at the situation saying, “How do we help to build up communities from within?” And that’s how we came up with RPS Solutions. 

RPS was responsible for helping to fill Baltimore’s Belvedere Square with first-time homebuyers. How did that happen?

Kevin: We did sell a property in Belvedere Square. The buyers are here now, so we don’t want to give out their address. But yes, we did construct a property in Belvedere Square. We were able to do a good job. If individuals go to our website, they’ll be able to see pictures of the home. But yes, they were really excited to be first-time homebuyers. Through RPS we provided the opportunity for them to afford a nice, renovated home. All of our homes are move-in ready. Our expectation is for individuals to move in with their families. The whole idea is for our buyers to be able to move in and have their housewarming party on the same day.

I sense a real excitement from this, you’re very passionate about building up communities aren’t you?

Kevin: We’re adamant about giving back to communities. I’ve always been adamant about giving back to communities, adamant to see individuals coming to home and having something to be proud of, and provide stability to the community. When someone is a homeowner in their neighborhood, they’re much more liable to clean up their neighborhood, to be invested in the state of the neighborhood. When people are more invested the community improves, crime goes down, and things improve for the long term.

How would someone get involved with RPS Solutions if they were looking to buy a home for the first time?  

Kevin: They can go to our website, and can also reach me personally at On the website we outline our properties, we have blogs, and phone numbers where RPS can be contacted as well. We also have our realtor Desiree Eades who is a liaison with our company. She helps with lending, and to make sure first-time homebuyers have a solid understanding of what they’re getting into. We’re not doing this just for the sale of the home, we’re really trying to wrap our arms around the homebuyer from a mortgage standpoint, sending them to the correct mortgage lender. We want buyers to have a solid understanding of exactly what it entails to get into the home, and what is going to be expected of them to purchase a home.

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