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Kevin Needham’s Refusal to Quit is Sure to Make Him a Staple in the Entertainment Industry

Kevin Needham

Navigating the murky waters of the entertainment industry in order to land a successful part can be a monumental burden. Many actors move from their small towns to Hollywood, the mecca of the entertainment industry, ambitiously hoping for a breakthrough. After countless auditions and nothing to show for, an actor is engulfed with doubt, fear, and the idea that they may not make it. Not all actors succumb to such doubt, and those who hang around and persevere are the ones that are most likely to make it in this cutthroat industry.

Kevin Needham has almost a decade under his belt of studying, training, and auditioning to improve his craft. He remains steadfast in his approach, replacing doubt with aspiration. Kevin is a former Division I basketball player, and has a competitive fire that runs deep in his blood. He decided to leave his athletic scholarship in the dust in order to purse his real passion, listening to his inner voice that strongly urges him to keep moving forward, in hopes of one day being seen on the big screen.

Kevin was raised in Nebraska by a competitive family, and this gave him the belief in himself that he could make it, regardless of the circumstances thrown his way. He was willing to make great sacrifices to stay in New York to attain his dream of becoming a recognized actor.

Kevin began working in the hospitality industry to stay in New York and keep his dreams alive, he remained committed to his future self, and always held his head high. Kevin did research to find the best acting schools and teachers to help him attain success, training with the likes of Anthony Abeson, and the late Wynn Handman. He studied at Michael Howard Studios, where he was granted a one-year conservatory, which eventually landed him a spot with the About Artists agency.

Kevin’s tremendous dedication eventually landed him several roles in small films like Hard Sell and Audition, and a role on the TV series The Accidental Wolf. He also landed a role on Netflix’s hit drama, Hollywood. Having gotten a taste of success, Kevin feels like he is on the right path to his final destination of being a widely known actor.

Perseverance is integral for Kevin, as he acknowledges the rollercoaster ride that life has to offer, continuing to push forward no matter what obstacles are in his way.

Kevin memorizes every script before going into an audition, ensuring freedom of movement and expression. His focal point is to bring his uniqueness into every role, as he believes his individuality is the ultimate key to finding success.

In almost every audition, Kevin infuses a small flavor of himself into every role, giving the audience an honest and truthful depiction of who he is. Kevin is now represented by the notorious ICM agency, and although he is set to for hundreds of auditions in the next several years, he maintains his authenticity in every performance- an element that Kevin is confident will lead to a fruitful career.

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