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Kenyon International: How a Young, Indigenous Company is Blazing the Trail in Homegrown Oil and Gas Solutions

When the Nigerian Local Content Law was passed in March 2010, its sole aim was to promote the use of local materials and services for developing the Oil and Gas industry. It was therefore fitting that 11 years later in November of 2021, when the much-publicized oil spillage occurred at the wellhead in Nembe Local Government Area of Bayelsa state, an indigenous servicing company came to the rescue. This company may not have existed without the local content policy. 

Established only five years after the local content policy was enacted, Kenyon International West Africa has easily positioned itself as a leading oil servicing company in West Africa by handling high-profile cases like the Nembe oil spill. The company is led by Victor Ekpenyong, a graduate of the Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO) and an alumnus of Lagos Business School and Strathmore Business School (SBS). Kenyon International started operations in 2015.

Victor Ekpenyong, CEO, Kenyon International. – Copyright: Kenyon International

In less than ten years, the company has become a favorite with many International Oil Companies (IOCs) and local companies operating in the Nigerian Oil & Gas space by offering innovative, cost-cutting solutions to high-profile technical cases that have stumped even large multinational companies.

In a recent conversation with the global conference platform 10X Thrive, Ekpenyong shared that the key to his company’s fast rise in the industry is putting its clients’ interests first at all times. He stated that, “This customer-centric perspective – as my strong suit – has enabled me to build a flourishing business in the oil and gas industry. A customer of ours got so endeared to us after the incident that we were able to save an enormous cost for him. This occurred after an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) had advised them to change a model of equipment that was still durable on the premises because it was old.”

He continues, “When the customer contacted us, we quickly figured out what needed to be changed in the equipment to work optimally and proceeded to call a company in the US to engineer the faulty part and freight it swiftly. After fixing the new part, it worked perfectly well. Funnily, we did this without a Purchasing Order, but the customer was so ecstatic that a job to be awarded to another company was then awarded to us.”

Ekpenyong also pointed out capacity building as a crucial factor in his company’s success. He said the company’s first few years were devoted to training, and they have continued to improve their systems. As such, Ekpenyong stated that “Working for Total Energies improved our system immensely, which helped us acquire world safety standards such as conducting pre-mobilization audits. This meant frequently auditing our working system by their HSE personnel to ensure we follow global industry-recommended practices. This enabled us to acquire ISO 9001:2015, a quality management system that improved our system and enabled us to acquire more market share in the industry and get more customers”. 

“This is not a one-person company, and every personnel is a professional in their field of expertise. This culture has led us to achieve the level of success we have seen in the industry and hope to continue rising,” he added.

In addition, Ekpenyong is proud of the culture of professional, ethical behavior that he has ingrained within the company and permeates from the top down. According to him, “honesty is the only way a business can earn and keep the trust of its clients, and unethical behavior can undermine the growth of a company irrespective of its expertise”.

Using these principles, Ekpenyong has, despite the limitations in African infrastructure, positioned Kenyon International to go toe-to-toe with industry giants by providing value to its clients with skill and efficiency. “We are now in a better position to use our expertise to help Nigeria and other African countries optimize their crude oil production,” he said. 

About Kenyon International

Kenyon International West Africa is a leading oil and gas servicing company dedicated to providing quality, long-lasting solutions regarding drilling and oil well challenges. Providing best-in-class industry practices and zero tolerance for safety violations, Kenyon has grown into a formidable force with a talented and professional team of innovative wellhead engineers who leverage essential contemporary approaches to give clients a competitive edge. 



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