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Ken Ananyi’s Vision of Africa’s WiFi Future

Tizeti CEO Kendall Ananyi has a very positive outlook on Africa‘s WiFi future. After working in the industry for several years and seeing the impact that quality internet solutions can make, he believes that an empowered Africa can start to show the rest of the world what they are capable of.

To make internet access more of a reality for millions of individuals, companies have been working hard on new solutions. Whether it is lowering the price, coming up with creative power solutions, or providing unlimited plans, the future is looking very bright for many in Africa to use the internet like the rest of the world.

Internet affordability

One of the biggest barriers for many Africans is the cost of the internet. Many people have to go to public locations to get internet access, as they are unable to pay pricey monthly bills. Tizeti is one of several companies that have started offering more affordable plans in different parts of the continent.

Technology has allowed prices to go down a bit, and many companies are trying to offer plans and services as affordable as possible. The plans also include internet service that is fast enough to keep up with the latest versions of interactive websites, video watching, and more. There is nothing worse than having internet access that can barely function because it can’t load pages properly.

Different plans are available for different types of users, meaning that businesses can find the right solutions to keep up with the competition. Businesses are competing with others worldwide, and there is no way to compete with slow internet speeds.

Power solutions in more remote areas

Another problem that has always plagued certain parts of Africa is not having a dependable power system. A solution that some companies are using now includes solar panel internet towers. There is enough power from the sun in just about every area to efficiently power these towers as much as needed. Not only is it safer for the environment, but it limits the amount of downtime that plagues so many other internet solutions.

Solar power can help homes keep their computers running as well. Internet access no longer has to be limited nearly as much thanks to these solutions, and they are only improving as the years go by.

Unlimited access

There are only a few companies that offer unlimited WiFi internet at home and on the go. Tizeti is one of those companies, which makes it perfect for people who do not want to be tied down to their home office all the time.

Customers who sign up for unlimited WiFi internet will have access to hotspots at different locations all around the continent. Simply logging into the account provides steady internet solutions at no additional cost.

How will better internet solutions change Africa?

Closing the gap between certain parts of Africa and the rest of the world has the potential to make a huge difference. There are many opportunities online for education, growing online businesses, and so much more. In the past, individuals in Africa have felt like they are lagging behind the rest of the world. Better internet infrastructure can make a huge difference.

With new solutions opening up, this is an exhilarating time for many. Millions and millions of people need to be served, and the competition is heating up as companies try to provide the best services possible. For people like Kendall Ananyi, he believes that competition will only be a positive for the continent.

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