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Keenfolks connects Fortune 500s with tailor-made AI solutions

Keenfolks connects Fortune 500s

The race to regulate AI is on, as President Joe Biden announced last month that seven leading AI companies in the U.S. have agreed to voluntary safety measures on the technology’s development. These companies include Meta, Amazon, and Google.

The reason for the Biden administration’s urgency on the matter is clear: Generative AI has shifted the paradigm on intelligent machines so drastically that companies in all industries are clamoring to adopt it. They’re not going to wait for government regulation to get in on the looming productivity boom AI is predicted to create.

But these companies will need assistance in integrating the technology in a way that actually boosts productivity, and is responsible and secure. A company called Keenfolks is ready to guide them through the process.

At the height of the digital transformation era in 2018, when organizations of all types ditched their legacy systems in favor of cloud computing, big data, and IoT, Keenfolks emerged as an agency to help these businesses navigate this confusing and overwhelming process.

Even as recently as five years ago, many companies were still working with outdated systems, and embracing 21st century technologies required major overhauls to long-familiar workflows. Keenfolks would go on to help major companies like McDonalds, Coca Cola, and Nestle better leverage emerging technologies to meet evolving consumer needs. 

Prior to the launch of OpenAI’s ChatGPT last November, Keenfolks made a strategic shift to also focus on assisting major global brands with their AI transformations. Because so many companies were failing to make a profit off their AI projects or struggling to integrate, Keenfolks designed its now-patented Integrative AI Methodology. 

Keenfolks’s unique Integrative AI Methodology bridges AI solutions with business processes, data, and tech stacks to enable global brands to improve consumer engagement, tech efficiency, and sales. The methodology allows marketers to make more informed decisions, automate repetitive tasks, and deliver personalized experiences that resonate with customers.

“Most businesses lack the necessary experience or personnel to successfully implement AI technologies into their existing workflows,” says Miguel Machado, CEO and Co-Founder of Keenfolks. 

“Considering this challenge and the limitations of generative AI, we at Keenfolks specialize in helping businesses bridge the AI gap, helping them fulfill their own visions by strategically integrating generative AI tools in a way that delivers efficiency and growth. By harnessing advanced algorithms and machine learning, our revolutionary patented Integrative AI methodology drives innovation, enhances efficiency, and creates exceptional customer experiences.”

Keenfolks handles the entire AI integration process, end-to-end, enabling major multinational companies to make the most of their data and AI tools.

With seven specific steps geared towards empowering companies to seamlessly integrate a wide range of generative AI tools, language models, and machine learning, Keenfolks bridges AI solutions with business processes, data, and tech stacks. This enables companies to boost customer engagement, tech efficiency, and sales. Major global companies like Reckitt, Danone, and Merck are just some of their clients who leveraged the Integrative AI Methodology.  

From lack of control and interoperability to data dependency, Keenfolks addresses the obstacles that make AI integration a major pain point for many businesses. Keenfolk’s patented Integrative AI Methodology provides a strategic playbook for integrating and automating AI tools, enabling them to create their own data sets, algorithms and proprietary technologies. As more and more businesses and organizations turn to AI to improve efficiency and fuel growth, Keenfolks serves a dedicated partner helping them overcome the vast challenges in successfully integrating AI tools. 

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