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KASU Secures $3 Million for Innovative RWA Lending Platform

Kasu is a Real World Asset (RWA) business lending protocol that leverages proprietary tech to deliver the most risk-optimised RWA yields in DeFi.

Kasu has secured $3 million in a seed funding round led by Woodstock, Morningstar Ventures, and Faculty Group, with contributions from Cypher Capital, Matterblock, Andromeda Capital, NxGen, Rarestone Ventures, Asteroid Capital, and Optic Capital.

The round also saw active participation from a number of leading KOLs, industry angels, and selected Web3 investment syndicates. This level of advocacy showcases the broad support for Kasu’s mission to revolutionise RWA lending and risk management technology.

Kasu is an exclusive joint venture (JV) between Faculty Group and Apxium Technologies (Apxium). With Faculty Group’s proven success in Web3 and DeFi, along with Apxium’s award-winning innovation in FinTech and TradFi, an obvious opportunity arose to join forces and introduce a groundbreaking approach to RWA lending.

Luke Lombe, Founding Partner of Faculty Group, states why his company saw the JV opportunity as an obvious step to evolve the RWA lending space:

“Existing RWA lending platforms have done a fantastic job at paving the way for DeFi investors to access diverse real world yield opportunities. But, the problem remains that lending is a commoditised product with inherent risk. Kasu leverages industry-defining accounts receivable automation financing technology to address the root cause of borrowing (i.e. late debtor collections) and only then lends to an optimised debtor book. This technology delivers the most risk-optimised RWA yields in all of DeFi.”

Jeremy Coombe, Founder and CEO of Apxium, said:

“Apxium manages over $2 billion in annual invoice transaction volume across the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. Over the 7 years of Apxium’s existence, we’ve never lost a single dollar during our invoice lending activities. We are excited to be bringing our technology to the DeFi space in what is a truly symbiotic outcome, where Apxium can access vast DeFi liquidity reserves while offering exceptional risk adjusted returns to investors. ”

The capital raised will be allocated towards advancing Kasu’s innovative platform that redefines today’s RWA lending ‘standard’ through proprietary technology that optimises businesses’ cash flows to improve credit risk, ultimately delivering superior risk management and higher quality yields. Layered with automated debt recovery mechanisms and robust structured credit, Kasu aims to deliver the most optimised risk-adjusted private credit RWA yields in all of DeFi.

This is made possible via Apxium’s multi-award winning SaaS+FinTech innovation platform that delivers the most intelligent Receivables and Payables Financing solutions for leading accounting and law firms and their clients.

The technology has proven to reduce accounts receivable administration and debtor days by up to 50%, thereby significantly de-risking a business’ debtor position prior to advancing funds against outstanding invoices.

Apxium is the recipient of multiple prestigious awards and accolades, at both State and Federal Government levels in Australia. Among others, this includes ‘Most Innovative Business Award’ and ‘e-Commerce Exporter of the Year Award’ at the 2023 South Australian Premier’s Business and Export Awards. Apxium was also named one of seven ‘Best and Brightest Fintechs in Australia’ by the Australian Trade and Investment Commission.

Apxium clients include some of the world’s largest and most respected accounting firms. This includes top 50 U.S. accounting firms, along with other major firms in Canada, the UK, and Australia that are part of global ‘top 10’ accounting brands. Apxium’s software currently manages over $2B USD in annual invoicing across its rapidly growing global user base. This represents approximately $150M invoice financing opportunity for Kasu in the first year of operation with an additional $7.5B of further invoices that can be funded through these firms’ existing client books.

As a relatively safe industry for lending, accounting firms generally represent low credit risk that is uncorrelated to crypto markets and the wider traditional economy. Accounting services are always required, regardless of ‘real-world’ recessions or crypto’ bear market periods. The benefits of being uncorrelated are even stronger in crypto markets, which is a huge differentiator Kasu brings to DeFi investors.

Kasu Seed Investor, Himanshu Yadav, General Partner from Woodstock said,

“As DeFi and asset tokenisation evolves and matures in the coming years, invoice financing and lending from real world businesses will become a core part of long-term sustainable yields to liquidity providers in DeFi. The experience of the Kasu team spans across both these worlds and puts them in a great position to build these rails for the future.”

For more information on Kasu and its innovative RWA platform, please visit Kasu’s Official Website or contact their media team for inquiries.

About Kasu

Kasu is a Real World Asset (RWA) business lending protocol that delivers on-chain yield by uniting DeFi investors, institutional lenders and business borrowers.

Kasu not only democratises access to real world yield opportunities that are otherwise only available to sophisticated investors, but our proprietary technology optimises businesses’ cash flows to improve credit risk, ultimately delivering superior risk management and higher quality yields.

About Faculty Group

Faculty Group is a collection of synergistic blockchain-native firms with exceptional access to opportunities within web3, and the unique capabilities to create deep value. They unite innovative thought leadership, strategy, token modelling, branding & marcomms, market making, business development, and capital – all under one roof, for a seamless experience with best-in-class outcomes.

About Apxium

Apxium is a global SaaS+Fintech business that combines Accounts Receivable Automation Software and Smart Payments technology to deliver the most intelligent Receivables and Payables Financing solutions for Real World businesses. The technology currently manages over US$2B of annual invoicing for some of the largest accounting firms across the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and Australia.

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