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Kaseya CEO Fred Voccola Explains How Unique Acquisition Strategy Creates Better IT Products

There are unique challenges that all Managed Service Providers (MSPs) face. Kaseya CEO Fred Voccola says his company has worked to address these challenges in part through strategic acquisitions to create a more complete, workflow-integrated product offering.

Kaseya, an award-winning provider of unified IT management and security software for businesses and MSPs, has developed what Voccola and his team call, IT Complete. Through its integrated portfolio of products, Kaseya looks to help MSPs become more efficient and more prepared to deliver effective services, leading to higher profitability all while providing an overall better product for the client in the long run.

One of the biggest challenges that MSPs face is that they often face multiple vendors and disparate tools to enable them to build the toolkit they need to supply services to their end clients. Unfortunately, the vendors’ tools are hard — if ever — integrated and automated, making it impossible for technicians to be as efficient as they could be.

In addition, as Voccola explains, many MSPs access only between 15% and 20% of the full capabilities and features of the products they’re provided — simply because there are too many.

These inefficient and disjointed software tools lead to a big headache for MSPs, including excessive costs and more difficulty managing diverse systems and products.

Kaseya has responded to these challenges by acquiring best-in-breed companies and technologies to bundle and tightly integrate workflow into a single complete IT solution. By acquiring the best of every technology category that an MSP requires to run its business, Kaseya can provide a well-rounded product that meets all its needs. Without this all-encompassing integration, MSPs are unable to reach their full potential.

CEO Fred Voccola Outlines Kaseya Strategy Moving Forward

Fred Voccola is quick to point out that acquisitions have potential dangers depending on how they are managed. He references Kaseya’s recent acquisition of Datto as a prime example.

Datto had a great brand that was respected and recognizable. As such, when Kaseya acquired the company, there were never any plans to do away with Datto and its strong and valued brand. Instead, it’s integrating Datto into Kaseya’s “melting pot” of technologies, as Voccola put it, to improve upon what Datto did before and provide a superior product that wasn’t possible before.


This is the basis of Kaseya’s current strategy as a company: It uses well-timed and intelligent acquisitions to build upon already-existing, well-performing products that MSPs need. In essence, this acquisition strategy takes advantage of research and development programs at multiple companies, combining them into one end-user solution that MSPs genuinely need.


Kaseya has a well-defined strategy for meeting the needs of MSPs so they can become the most efficient and profitable versions of themselves. And it’s doing it through acquisitions to improve IT products for everyone.


Voccola and his team discussed these issues and their impact on Kaseya and the IT industry at DattoCon 2022, which took place earlier this month

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