Kartik Sehrawat Is Helping Fellow Travelers Grow While Exploring The Melody In The World

World traveler and music artist, Kartik Sehrawat teaches ways to create a reliable revenue source using cryptocurrencies and traveling.


World Traveler Kartik Sehrawat launched a program where interested people can travel with him and learn how to make money through travel. He will also be sharing ideas on how to leverage the opportunities in cryptocurrency and stocks for financing the various tips. There are three packages for the members, namely gold, silver, and platinum. The facilities and features for different packages are different, and the individual can select as per their needs. Kartik is also into the art of music and in his own words “Every journey has its own melody so with my music I’ll create the melody to my journey.” Kartik will be releasing his first single in June.


Kartik is now 22 years old and lives in Germany. However, his hometown is in Delhi, India. Since childhood, he had two hobbies that he was crazy about, traveling and music. And now, he is pursuing his hobbies by making smart investments in cryptocurrencies. He loves traveling to different countries, trying new cuisines, learning new languages, and experiencing different cultures.


“I am optimistic about the projects that I am involved with, and I think people will love it. Every trip that I make has its charm and melody. In the same way, the music that I will create will have its melody,” said Kartik.


Kartik does not want to be regretful of anything. Hence he wants to live every day to the fullest. He believes in completing the things that he likes. For example, he wants to try skydiving, and he plans on completing this wish soon.


Apart from this, Kartik is also working on another project where he is singing songs in different languages. He will soon upload his first song in Hindi/Punjabi.


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About Kartik Sehrawat:

Kartik Sehrawat, a 22-year-old world traveler, has launched a program in which interested people can join him on a trip and learn how to fund their travels by investing in cryptocurrencies and stocks while traveling.  He will be releasing his first single in June 2022.


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