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Karben Wallet Review: (MUST SEE!) US, UK, CA, AU, Customer Reviews!

Karben Wallet is a Carbon Fiber Minimalist Wallet with RFID-blocking technology. With over one thousand 5 star positive ratings, the karben wallet review keeps trending and making its way into the hearts of customers from the United state (US), Canada (CA), Australia (AU), the United Kingdom (UK), France, Russia, and many other country buyers worldwide.

Having used many carbon fiber wallets in the past, the year 2022 brought me the best gift I would not forget in a hurry – The Karben Wallet. This was a gift from my girlfriend and wife-to-be; it was a surprise gift I never expected on a valentine because I already own a carbon fiber wallet that I bought before the Covid outbreak. But my girlfriend surprised me with the gift, saying: “I saw something better than your old carbon fiber wallet, and I thought it wise to have it replaced. So I bought you the Karben RFID minimalist carbon fiber wallet; I hope you would love it.” Yes, baby, it is sleek and far much better than my old junky wallet. You know I travel a lot, and I like carrying my credit cards and complimentary cards along. Thank you for the gift; I love it.

I am Jon, from Texas, United States, and I am here to share with you in this Karben wallet review, my personal experience on how I transitioned from using my old fiber wallet to rocking the Karben wallet on the 14th day of February, 2022 and ongoing. I shall be drafting out everything you need to know about this minimalist Carbon Fiber wallet, its features, specifications, Pros and Cons, the company profile, where to buy, the current discount price, and their refund policy.

Without wasting much of your time on this intro, let me deep dive, into the Karben wallet reviews. Let us get a round-over overview of the Karben wallet before discussing them bit by bit.

Karben Wallet: Overview!

(Karben Wallet Review)

This overview summarizes everything we should be discussing about the karben wallet reviews. It is intended for those who are only interested in knowing all about a product without having to read over 2k words above. So take your time, go through our overview of Karben Wallet and make a decision.

  • Product Name: Karben Wallet
  • Brand name: Karben
  • Category: Men’s wallet, Carbon Fiber Wallets, Minimalist Wallet.
  • Manufactured By: YEHYEH LIMITED
  • Manufactured in: New Castle, Delaware, United States (USA).
  • Security: RFID-Blocking technology
  • Karben Wallet Price: $49.99
  • Key Features: Minimalist Design, Military-grade Carbon Fiber Material, RFID layer Blocking, karben Wallet App, NFC Tag, and holding up to 12 cards with an elastic band cash clip for keeping money.
  • Weight (in grams): 60g
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions (in mm): 8 x 61 x 86 mm
  • Materials: Military-grade Carbon fiber and Aluminium
  • Major Benefits: You get complete protection from digital card thieves, save money, and add glamour to your fashion lifestyle.
  • What’s in the Box: 1 Karben Wallet, NFC Tag, Warranty and Sales Card, and Link to Download Karben App.
  • Is Karben Wallet Scam: No, Karben wallet is not a scam. The company is well registered and has a contact office address in the United State of America (USA).
  • Buyers’ Protection: 30 days of protection guaranteed
  • Money-back guarantee: 100% if all refund conditions are met
  • Where to buy Karben Wallet: Only Available at the company’s store here.

With this information about the Karben Wallet provided above, you have every needed knowledge I shall be talking on in this karben wallet review. If you are ok with them, you can proceed to the company’s official store using the link below to confirm product availability and current discount price before placing your orders. However, if you wouldn’t mind, let us dive deeper into the Karben reviews; it will be worthwhile, I promise.


What is Karben Wallet?

(Karben Wallet Review)

Karben Wallet is an RFID-blocking Minimalist Carbon Fiber Wallet manufactured by YEHYEH LIMITED in New Castle, Delaware, United States (USA). It is made of 100% carbon fiber and aluminum military-grade material, contains Stainless stell screws and an expandable elastic band with the NFC Sticker beautifying the design. The Karben can hold more than 12 cards at a go and maintain the same shape and attraction as if nothing is stocked.

The Karben wallet is among the top 5 ridge wallet alternative made in USA. It has incredible features, looks very attractive for fashionistas, and is the best travel wallet for adventurers. I am a good traveler who likes carrying many complimentary cards and credit cards along with me when I do. I wouldn’t have enjoyed the comfort I feel now and be well prepared for the summer holidays without my girlfriend gifting me the Karben wallet on the Val.

With the Karben Wallet, you attain optimum comfort and security with its most innovative RFID-blocking technology. When you buy Karben Wallet, your credits are 100% secured, and you can intuitively share some of your data with friends through the Karben Wallet App. You will be amazed at what you’ve been missing using the old carbon fiber wallets, just as I did—Karben wallet review.

Although the Karben wallet is mainly made for men, I have spotted many ladies here in the US using the Karben wallet together with a nerlos locator. It looks beautiful either way, but I believe that the ladies who buy karben wallets either bought it as a surprise gift for their male friends or mainly to keep their credit cards secured – More reason why they have tagged a nerlos locator on their carben fiber wallets.

Key Features of Karben Wallet

(Karben Wallet review)


Here are the key features of the Karben Carbon Fibre Wallet.

  • Minimalist Design:
    The Karben wallet company embraces simplicity in its best form through this feature. Making an innovative wallet packed with lots of high-end techs and still not going off its portable design plan is one of the criteria for choosing a great company. Checking through many karben wallet reviews, you will realize that this is one of the selling features and why they call it the Karben minimalist carbon fiber wallet.
  • Military-grade Carbon Fiber Material:
    The Karben Wallet is built with a military-grade carbon fiber material. This material has excellent texture and is best for making ergo fiber wallets. Military-grade means that the Karben wallet’s material is built to last the test of time, with durable carbon fiber panels mounted to aluminum frames. They are both fingerprint and scratch resistant and can withstand even greater forces when roughly handled.Comparing the karben wallet to its competitors, this feature makes it stand out. Most Karben wallet alternatives are bulky, even with little credit cards, and often worn out with time. This is also one of the good features that ranked Karben in the top 5 ridge wallet alternative made in USA.
  • Topnotch Security using RFID-Blocking Technology:
    What else would you seek in a wallet that guarantees you safety for your digital assets? Most young people in the United States (US), Canada (CA), United Kingdom (UK), New Zealand (NZ). Australia (AU), Russia, and other well-mannered civilized nations now transact with a digital credit cards. This credit card information can be stolen using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) scanner; therefore, protecting your credit cards at all necessary costs should be prioritized.The Karben Wallet has a built-in RFID-blocking technology that prevents any digital asset thief from accessing your information. So if you value your safety as much as I do, I would advise that you dispose of your old junky leader wallet and replace it with an innovative Karben. Do not forget to come back and drop your feedback!
  • Karben Wallet App:
    Another great intuitive feature that the Karben wallet brings is the inclusion of the Karben wallet App. With the Mobile App, you can easily share data with fellow Karben wallet users and non-users securely without being sniffed upon. Transfer your contact card without carrying paper business cards and save yourself the stress and the extra cost.Having paper business cards builds up your standard as you grow in business, but you must not always carry it about on every movement. Having a digital version of your business contact information is pertinent; you easily share it anytime, anywhere.

    And again, as time evolves, many people like I myself don’t like taking paper business cards from people because I find it choking to have as many business cards of person I may or may never have to contact in the future, but giving me a digital version of these contact information will save me a lot. One is that I can easily tap and save the details directly to my phone, and I won’t ever have to worry about losing the data you shared as it automatically synchronizes to my cloud storage. This is the beauty of how time flies and innovation evolves.

  • Money Clip Band:
    With the money clip band attached to the Karben Wallet, rest assured that you can wrap those hundreds of dollar notes inside the Karben while still holding all your cards in one place. This can also be referred to as an elastic band cash clip that helps to grip your money intact and keep it very safe together with other items in the Karben Wallet.
  • NFC Tag Sticker:

NFC is an acronym for Near-Field Communication. It is a technology that has evolved over the years to share files between gadgets easily. With the Karben NFC wallet Tag, you enjoy fun sharing data with family and co business partners. You can easily send your contact information, business profile, and any digital information you deem shareable on the Karben to anyone, at any time.

As a business person, you need always to have your business profile ready and accessible digitally. Your professional business information may include your business name, office addresses, social pages (like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram), email address, and even personal data. You could make all this information easily accessible digitally using the Karben NFC wallet Tag sticker and the social Mobile App.

This is far much better and easier than just using the paper business card constantly becoming obsolete.

  • Spacious (Holding up to 12 cards and more):
    The first I rocked my Karben wallet, this was one of the craziest features I love the most. As I have repeated several here in the karben wallet review, I am a real adventurer and a traveler who loves getting hold of all my cards. I am glad that the Karben wallet could hold all my 12 cards. It may hold even more, but I didn’t border as my need was already met beyond satisfaction.Should I also need to confirm that after attaching all my 12 cards to my Karben and a few 100s of dollars gripped with the money clip band, the karben wallet was still as light as ever? It is made to contain many cards and maintain its compact shape with just a little added weight.
  • Sleek Design:
    You can’t go wrong in fashion with the Karben wallet on your list. The wallet is so sleek, portable, and fashionable. You can easily sneak it into your back pocket, or to the sides, or even hold it stylishly in your palms while you take a walk. Wearing a fine shoe, catchy wristband and watch, necklace, and a sunglass together with the Karben wallet in your hands steals the show. Give it a shot and smile at your new elegance.


Karben Wallet Technical Specifications

(Karben Wallet Review)

  • Brand name: Karben
  • Weight (in grams): 60g
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions (in mm): 8 x 61 x 86 mm
  • Materials: Military-grade Carbon fiber and Aluminium
  • Security: RFID-Blocking technology

Pros and Cons of Karben Wallet (Karben Wallet Reviews)


  1. Excellent Quality: Several quality checks were performed before the Karben wallet was made available to consumers. Military-grade carben fiber material and Aluminium are used to construct this wallet, making it extremely long-lasting.
  2. Affordable Pricing: Karben wallet is sold for $49.99 on a special promo discount. Per my check on almost every online marketplace like eBay, Walmart, BestBuy, and Amazon for the Karben Wallet alternatives, I couldn’t find one that meets the topnotch qualities of Karben at a lesser fee. Karben Wallet reviews online also made us understand that this carbon fiber wallet is the cheapest you can ever get for a good brand with better features.
  3. Sturdy Design: Compact and long-lasting, Karben is a wallet you may use now, tomorrow, and for many years to come, and for everyone. Wallets made of leather or polyester break down with time, whereas Karben is impervious to wear and tear. Carbon fiber and aluminum work together to keep the Karben wallet sturdy.
  4. Returns Are Hassle-Free: Customer satisfaction is so essential to the Karben wallet’s creators that they provide a 30-day money-back guarantee. Returning your Karben wallet before the 30 days of purchase pass will result in a complete refund if you are dissatisfied with it.
  5. Fast Shipping: There is no need to go to the store! When you place an order for a Karben wallet, you will be asked to enter the address where you would want the wallet to be delivered, and the package will be delivered as soon as it is completed. Making a purchase for yourself or selecting a gift is simple when you buy with Karben!
  6. Heat Resistant: Karben can endure temperatures as high as 500 degrees Fahrenheit (260 degrees Celsius), allowing your wallet to last for decades.
  7. Discount Up to 50%: Take advantage of all of Karben’s promises while simply spending half the price. When you order now using the link on this page, you will receive a special introductory offer of 50% OFF! This limited-time promotion could be terminated at any time. Take advantage of this 50 percent OFF offer today to avoid being disappointed in the future.


  1. Karben Wallet is only capable of holding a limited amount of money. I have stocked up to a thousand dollar notes in mints, and it all fitted well. 
  2. The Karben Wallet is so compact and light that it’s easy to lose. You may consider using a nerlos locator together with the Karben. It is a perfect combo and guarantees you better safety.
  3. Karben Wallet isn’t available for purchase in any physical store, and buying the Karben Wallet online is the only option.
  4. Due to its increasing demands, the Karben Wallets sell out quickly; however, in light of the current global climate, it usually takes months before new stocks of Karben wallets are made available for sale again.


What’s included in the box when you order Karben Wallet (Karben Wallet Review)

  1. 1 Karben Wallet
  2. NFC Tag
  3. Warranty and Sales Card, and 
  4. A Link to Download Karben App.

How does the Karben Social App work?

The Karben Social App works with the aid of NFC technology to pair between the App, the karben wallet, and any other NFC-powered smartphone for data sharing.

With the Karben Wallet Social App, you can:

  1. share data with other NFC-powered smartphones or devices.
  2. take digital control of your business profiles, personal profiles, and social media contact links.
  3. update your information on the karben wallet through the App, and a lot more you can do.

Karben Wallet Price

1 piece of Karben wallet price is $49.99 with over 50% discount from the regular price. On the Karben Wallet official website, you will find up to 4X quantity with even more extra discounts. See the current list of karben wallet cost prices here: 

  • 1 piece of Karben wallet cost $49.99
  • 2 pieces of Karben wallet cost $99.99
  • 3 pieces of Karben wallet cost $111.99
  • 4 pieces of Karben wallet cost $136.99


Where to Buy Karben Wallet

If you don’t want to buy Karben wallet from resellers on a third-party marketplace, make sure you use the company’s official store website here.

When you buy from the company direct, you get your discounts intact and secure your refund agreement directly with them should you want to return after purchase.


Karben Wallet Review Consumer Reports

(Customer Reviews of Karben Wallet)

Besides my opinion on this Karben wallet review, more than 1,000 people are already talking about the Karben wallet on different forums and online marketplaces. So I tend to bring you these customer reviews of Karben as found online so that you wouldn’t have to stress further before confirming that the Karben wallet is your go-for fashion gadget. Here are what people who bought and used the Karben Wallet have to say:


“I Am Jon from Texas, United States (US). Got the Karben Wallet as a gift from my wife-to-be on Val’s day. I cherish the wallet a lot, not only because it was given to me by my girlfriend but rather because it solved all my primary needs for an AI wallet. I dropped my old carbon fiber wallet in a bin and am now rocking the Karben for all my official outings and travels. Thanks to my girl again and again” – From Jon (the reviewer), Texas, US.

“I am a lady who couldn’t resist the advert for this wallet. My initial plan was to buy it for my dad, but unfortunately, I started using this wallet to secure my credit cards and share data with my colleagues. The Karben wallet has performed as promoted by the company. I now have to make a fresh order for my dad, waiting for delivery. All thanks to the Karben Team” –  Customer review from Pat, O (United Kingdom, UK).

“Who says something pretty has to be dumb? Karben Wallet may be cool to look at, but it has some amazing features. It’s so easy to take your credit cards in and out, and it’s incredibly durable, too. Combine that with the sharing function, and Karben is the best wallet I’ve ever used.” – Customer review From Richard K. (Queens, NY).

“Easy to use, durable, and beautiful to look at, too! I’m a pro photographer, and I love using Karben Wallet’s data sharing feature. I can give new clients a link to my online portfolio with just a tap. Granting you the ability to share your data with just a tap of button is incredible. Why didn’t anyone think of this before?” – Customer review from Rutger T. (Concorde, NH).

“I was so done with cheap wallets made of low-quality leather that falls apart the first chance it gets. That’s why I switched to the Karben Wallet – it’s built to last a lifetime, and it looks cool and stylish at the same time. It looks so good, several cashiers have already asked me where I got it!” – Marco R. (Oakland, CA).

Karben Wallet Support Information

  • Karben wallet Company name: YEHYEH LIMITED
  • Karben Wallet website:
  • Official Address: 221 N Broad St., Suite 3A Middletown, New Castle DE 19709
  • Support Email:
  • Support phone number (Toll-free for US and CA callers): 866 206 1457

Karben Wallet on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, BestBuy, Target

Since the launch of Karben Wallet, it hasn’t been featured on Amazon, and you can’t even find it on eBay, Walmart, BestBuy, Target, or any other online marketplace. But a few days ago, while I was still gathering my facts for this karben wallet review, I discovered that a reseller had just added the Karben Wallet on Amazon, together with the Karben NFC Wallet Tag.

They sold the Karben wallet for the same $49.99 on Amazon and the Karben NFC Wallet Tag for $12.99. But from the company’s website, you get both at the price of $49.99. The Karben Wallet on Amazon has also recorded some positive customer reviews.

It is not wrong to buy from Amazon, but you may not be too sure of what you are getting since the company itself doesn’t feature the wallet on any third-party marketplace. It may be the wallet’s inferior version, and you would not want to feel scammed. I suggest you stick with buying from the official company’s store as promoted by the manufacturers.


Is Karben wallet a scam?

Karben wallet has recorded over 1k positive 5-star ratings within a couple of weeks after its launch, with an average of 4.8 out of 5.0 customer reviews. Hence, the Karben Wallet is not a scam. It is legit and is still making waves in the hearts of consumers from the united states (US), United Kingdom (UK), New Zealand (NZ), Canada (CA), Australia (AU), and other top country buyers right now.

Do not get scammed by fake promises or people marketing any Karben wallet and give you links to buy from stores that the manufacturers do not verify. Do not get caught in your demands for sweet words and fake promotions. Always use the official company store for any of your purchases.


Frequency Asked questions (Karben Wallet Review)

Where can I buy Karben Wallet in the United States (US), United Kingdom (UK), Canada (CA), Australia (AU)?

Some retailers from the US, UK, CA, AU, and other countries may have Karben wallet in their local stores. Nonetheless, if you are interested in buying Karben Wallet from any of these countries listed here, place your orders from the Official company website.

How do I download the Karben Wallet App?

The Karben App is available for download on Google playstore for android users and the Apple store for ios users. When you buy the Karben wallet, a link to download the App is included on the package, so you can quickly get the App by scanning the barcode or using the link attached beside the barcode.

How do I return My Karben Wallet? (Karben Wallet reviews)

To return your Karben wallet after purchase, feel free to contact the company using their support email here:; explain why you no longer want to keep the karben with you and make sure that you are still in the 30days buyers protection. Send your message, and they should reply to you with an affirmative statement.

Also, attach your order number to the email you sent to them so that they would be able to verify that you purchased the item directly from their official store.

Where can I buy Karben Wallet in New Zealand (NZ)?

Karben wallet is not available in any Local stores in New Zealand per our search, but the company has recorded significant sales from New Zealand from their stores. So you should feel free to buy karben wallet in New Zealand from the official store and get it delivered within a short pace.

Is Karben wallet available in Japan?

(Karben Wallet Review)

Karben wallet is available and can be shipped to Japan. A few customers from Tokyo recently shared a good customer review receiving their orders to Tokyo. You can pretty buy Karben from anywhere around the world as long as you purchase from the official store here. Few countries that the wallet is not shipped to cannot access the official store.

Our Final Opinion on Karben Wallet Review

The Karben wallet review is rated 4.8 out of 5.0 in over 1k reviews gathered from several online marketplaces. The positive reviews are growing as demands for the Karben wallet are increasing daily.

Karben is a topnotch carbon fiber wallet for 21st-century demand. The 21st century has provided us with enough reasons why using an ordinary leader wallet won’t be helpful anymore. You want to secure your credit cards as much as you want to flaunt a sleek ergo, fashioned wallet. Karben Wallet is effective for both needs, so you only make the wrong choice when you don’t go for the best.

Consider the affordable cost for one Karben and its unarguable qualities; think of all the Karben company promises and consider it as the best for your personal use or as a gift to someone you love.

If you are a girl, you can still buy a karben wallet for yourself to safekeep your credits cards or buy one for your male friends to flaunt for the summer holidays. Adding Nerlos Locator to your order is also an interesting combo for using Karben or any other home use item you would love to track easily.

I get this joy when I remember that my wife-to-be considers my safety very important and sees gifting me the Karben Wallet on the Val day helps my sanity. I wish you could be such a dearing friend too – because for my kind, I reciprocate all good gestures I get in a relationship and try to create an eternal memory out of every moment.


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