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The popularity of Kanban software is growing due to its extremely helpful features to handle any level project. is one of the most admired kanban software you might hear. Let’s learn some reasons why it is so agile for managing a project. 

Create a variety of boards

You may need a variety of boards while running a project. Some tools make the board creation restricted by offering a few kinds of board. However, Kanban Zone lets you create simple to complex boards as your requirement. The independence of multiple board creation helps you monitor key metrics, work visualization, and manage everything in a single view.

Crystal clear communication

Communication and dependency management is a mentionable forte of Kanban Zone. Using the tool allows you a perfect alignment of tasks and set dependencies. The tool works based on the four-way relationship that keeps the workflow straightforward. The parent/child ensures the ideal alignment. On the other hand, the predecessor/successor helps to monitor the dependencies. Thus, it sets up great internal communication that keeps everything crystal clear.

More focus, better workflow

Visualization is the specialty of Kanban tools. Kanban Zone is not indifferent here. The software visualizes the entire workflow in a single view for trouble-free understanding. It helps a project manager to keep everything organized. You can also improve the overall workflow from time to time. Besides, the tool allows you to focus on a particular work that requires more attention and effort. 

Track progress and improve

The primary purpose of using a Kanban tool is constant progression. It is an essential feature for project management to ensure work quality. Kanban Zone offers you an advanced tracking system so that you can keep your work in sight. As a project manager or team member, you can insert a starting and ending date for each project and begin to track it. To keep your monitoring readable, Kanban Zone shows it in Gantt chart visualization. Thus, you have full control over task scheduling. 

Integration and essential features

Like any other advanced project management tool, Kanban Zone is well-equipped with all vital features. It provides a variety of templates for a smooth workflow, analytical reports for progress tracking, and different types of checklists. Though we mentioned a few, the tool offers all imaginable features a project manager may need. Besides, Kanban Zone allows integration with other relevant tools. You can directly upload files from a local disk as well as cloud storage. It supports almost all recognized cloud storage including Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, One Drive, and more. 

Flexible board editor

Kanban Zone is a perfect choice if you need more flexibility for board editing. On this platform, you can recreate an essential board at any time. Though the grid board looks good, you may face several issues with it. In case of grid alignment, your board must be placed in grid view. Otherwise, you will fall into a complication. Kanban Zone doesn’t offer a grid but provides great flexibility with reproducing the required board. Besides, it is very user-friendly because of its drag and drop interface. 

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