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Kamp Announces Exciting Upcoming Events for Summer 2023

Kamp, leading event organizer for startup founders and investors, is thrilled to announce its upcoming summer events for 2023. With a wide variety of locations and event types, Kamp offers something for everyone in the business world; whether you are just launching your startup or are scaling your startup with some venture capital jet fuel.

The first event on the schedule is Boss Bites Miami, a super VIP dinner experience that will take place on June 15th in Miami, Florida, U.S. Just coming off of a big win in Miami with their “Founder Fest” (which I attended personally and was top notch), Phil Castro the founder of Kamp felt riding the wave of momentum was a great idea. This exclusive event will feature heavy hitters from the 305 such as Michael Rangel – Founder & CEO @ Novo, Krishan Arora – CEO & Founder @ The Arora Project, Olivia Gaudree – VC @ Fuel, Shane Neman – VC @ Neman Ventures and many more, breaking bread in a private dining experience put on by Kamp. On June 24th, Boss Bites London will take place, a similar event but with big shots from across the pond like Ahana Banerjee – Founder and CEO @ Clear, Edward Griffith – CEO @ LoveCrafts, Dev Amratia – CEO @ nPlan, and considerably many more industry rockstars. This affair will be held in the London area and Kamp will be making its EU debut with this event.

Boss Bites grants “growth stage” founders (vs “early stage” founders whom they usually target for their events) a unique opportunity to break bread with the upper-crust of the business community. Kamp invites prominent startup execs, C-suite execs, and investors whom the attendees can have soulful conversations with and learn from over a 4-course dinner and live DJ. This is an event where one may go in with no prior connections to the business circles and come out with personal relationships along with a number of business tycoons one only dreams to meet. They somehow pull off the perfect balance of mixing business with pleasure at every single event they touch, seemingly.

Kamp is organizing another one on July 14th, this time in the Windy City for early stage founders and will be the close out event for TechChicago conference by P33. Founder Fest is a private bar/club buyout with startup/VC panels, music, food, and drinks, taking place in a cool, casual, informative, and fun setting. This mixer, a unique blend of business gathering and cocktail party, will host Chicago’s tech business royalties (many to be announced soon) and will offer a chance to learn from and network with the crème de la crème of the industry. This is an early stage founder’s dream and Kamp makes them become a reality, every time.

Two more events by Kamp are also coming up – Boss Bites LA and Boss Bites NYC – which will be held on July 30th and August 16th (tentative dates) respectively, providing attendees with two more Super VIP brunch experiences. These will feature dignitaries from LA and NYC, allowing for private dining and networking opportunities. Do you see the pattern here?

Kamp offers a variety of events including co-working space events, luxury home events, travel destination events, pop-up events, unique pitching opportunity events, trendy bar and club events, and trendy restaurant events. These events promise momentous networking opportunities with established startup speakers, investors, and other founders. Attendees can boost their creativity and leave with newly formed relationships like co-founders, clients, investors, service providers or friends. Lastly, Kamp has helped over 5,700 founders around the world and has received 580+ highly positive testimonials. Founder of the company, Phil Castro, has over 350 recommendations alone on LinkedIn and has won various awards for his startup endeavors in his career. If you have the opportunity….get to Kamp.

Follow Kamp on socials (@kampevents) and join their slack with 600+ founders/investors for updates on their events.

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