Kamil Sattar’s Road From High School Dropout to Millionaire Entrepreneur

Millionaire Entrepreneur

At 20 years old, Kamil Sattar generated more than $3 million in sales in one year. Getting there, however, took a lot of work, effort, and motivation. For years, Sattar watched his parents struggle to make ends meet. At school and then college, he went through his days facing racial discrimination from several of his classmates. The pressure of these circumstances, especially in his formative childhood and teenage years, led him to doubting the school and education system. The young entrepreneur knew that he had his strengths, and he also knew that the current education system wasn’t helping to hone those strengths.

After getting kicked out of school for being involved in multiple fights, Sattar decided to go to college. At college, he studied something that he was passionate about: business. Even there, studying a subject he actually enjoyed, he realized that he had no motivation to succeed, and he dropped out. Instead of becoming despondent and going into one of the minimum wage, nine-to-five industries that are seemingly designed for those who don’t fit into the traditional education system, Kamil made the decision to start from the bottom and teach himself.

He read books and watched YouTube videos. He found mentors whose visions aligned with his and learned the foundations of business, from how KPIs work to Facebook advertising to website building and running a Shopify store. Through all of this, Kamil gained the most knowledge and experience from running his first business.

In 2015, he started selling high-end fashion brands like Balenciaga and Christian Louboutin. He marketed his products on social media and leaned into the slightly intimidating world of social media marketing. His Instagram and Facebook pages gained traction and his Weebly website’s visits steadily increased.

The problem with traditional marketing, selling, and buying is the idea that you have to keep shelves of stock ready to go. Getting the capital for the initial buy is what puts most aspiring entrepreneurs off the idea of going their own way. The drop-shipping business model bypasses this. With drop-shipping, the middleman retailer is cut out, and business owners focus on marketing and customer service, rather than product creation.

Kamil’s first drop-shipping endeavor involved selling phone accessories. The more his profits increased, the further he expanded his drop-shipping product lines. By Christmas 2018, Kamil was also selling children’s toys, beauty products, and iPhone privacy screen protectors. These days, he’s a social media marketing fiend, even creating online courses for people interested in following in his business footsteps.

To keep up with Kamil and see his journey, you can follow him on Instagram at @kamilsattarofficial.

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