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Kaltura Survey Reveals how videos have become the trending tools in business

Mediums of information have always been highly prized. Communication channels allow exchange and transfer of ideas and knowledge. From early man to the present day, communication and its channels have evolved, but the basic principle is the same: recording and transmitting information.

Video, Encompassing All Types

As technology evolved, the mediums of communication changed as well. Oral to pictogram, then to proper written language. With sound recording technology, oral communication was revived. In less than a century, moving pictures (video) has made its way from silent movies to high definition ones being recordable from mobile phones.

Video technology is the ultimate form of communication. It not only captures motion, but can be used to display still images, documents and audio, all at the same time.

Kaltura Enterprise Report

Kaltura is a leading video technology provider that services clients from all over the world. A recent report, titled State of Video in Enterprise, the motion technology organization showed that there has been a significant rise in the use of video technology as a tool of effective communication.

A result is of a survey conducted in September this year. More than 650 professionals from every corner of the globe had taken part in it.

The report revealed that although a major portion of respondents used video technology to record family and personal moments at least once a month, the use of video for professional reasons, such as sharing company events, trainings etc, had taken over (63%). The extreme use of professional video recording stood at 10%, with this group recording at least one video a day.

The trend in the past couple of years have greatly influenced how Kaltura sees its market expanding and is working heavily to service this aspect of industries. “Enterprises are now launching multiple video-based communication channels. They are using live webcasts, as well as video on-demand messaging, for more engaging communication across the organization. There is growing demand for a ‘video first, mobile first’ approach in many employee communications,”. Dr. Michal Tsur, Co-founder, President and General Manager – Enterprise & Learning, Kaltura, said about the company’s direction, “That’s why we are investing in making our video experiences even more engaging and personalized, and in providing better tracking and analytics around engagement. We are also working with many leading enterprise platforms to launch a video-first experience using our Video Platform as a Service (Kaltura VPaaS). I predict that one of the biggest areas of growth for video in the enterprise this year will be in learning. Corporate learning is transforming, and a video-first approach will become mainstream

Online Presence

With more and more people using the internet, the natural shift of companies to use webcasting was expected. Once a blue moon affair, webcasting has become a regular feature of many organizations. Large companies are now more prone to use live broadcasting of their events (60% more likely). 76% did one webcasting within the year, while 46% did an average of one per month and 27% did online broadcasting at least on a weekly basis.

As a Training Tool

Of the 650 professionals surveyed, 98% said that the use of video as a communicating tool is steadily growing. The most used case for videos was for training purposes. Three quarters of the surveyed reflected that videos were used for internal employee training on a number of topics. External training, where companies relied on videos to educate customers and other stakeholders had increased by 24%.

The of training and education topics were also varied. No surveyed professional revealed any company or organization limiting itself to one topic. Large organizations reported using video training tool in more than 9 different cases on an average.

Reasons of Increase

When asked on the increase of video usage within and outside the companies, each organization responded on the value that videos bring. Nearly all agreed (98%) that the medium is an invaluable tool for communication. The same percentage also put videos as a highly effective learning and training medium. A slightly lower, but still a significant, 92% believe that with a visual, presence of a high-ranking management or executive makes the message personal and attracts the viewership to listen, see and retain the information provided.

About Kaltura

A leader in Enterprise Video Platform (EVP) and Education Video Platform (EdVP) and online video markets, Kaltura has risen as one of the fastest growing video placed platform. The enterprise has clients all over the world with millions of viewership in all walks of profession and life.

Kaltura’s services can help enterprises and organization improve their level of communications, client engagement and boost creativity. The company has three core principles that drive its passion: Openness, flexibility and collaboration.

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