Kaka NFT Team Launches DeFi ETF platform “BLK Black Whale Project”

Kaka NFT team, the developer of NFT-based card game based on popular IP characters (i.e. Ironman, Spiderman), announced the launching of BLK Black Whale Project – the world’s first DeFi ETF derivative products platform.

KaKa NFT team, who previously was successful in listing NFT on Binance, developed the project over a long period of time. Kaka NFT team has a team of experts in the field of ETF, futures trading, and asset management from the United States, South Korea, China, Turkey, Vietnam, Japan, Malaysia, England, etc. This includes Yoon Kang Ro (AKA “Apgujeong Leech”), the legendary futures trader who made a profit of 130 billion KRW from 80 million KRW investment. Also, Yuting, the current president of Chinese fund for the prestigious McCormick family of the Rockefellers, has joined the project as a valuable team member. Due to the team’s lengthy experiences in the traditional stock and cryptocurrency industry, there is great expectation towards this project.

Picture by BLK

One of the merits of BLK Black Whale Project is the ETF tokens. The ETF tokens may represent various ETF products, such as ETF: ATE (corresponds to the value of top 20 crypto coins in the world, i.e. Bitcoin), ETF: AEE (corresponds to the value of top 10 emerging projects in the market), ETF: ATI (corresponds to the value of top 10 innovative projects in the market), ETF: APT (corresponds to the value of top 5 projects that has the highest potential of success in the technical field) and ETF: AHF (based on inverse strategy, i.e. short option trading in the event of decline in the market). Via ETF tokens, users will be able to regularly check various information, including its overall value, corresponding types of cryptocurrencies and the corresponding percentage of each cryptocurrency.

The Chief Technical Officer for the BLK Black Whale Project stated “as BLK Project incorporates oft-used traditional ETF concept as a basis in breeding a new DeFi ETF concept, we will pave the way in upstarting a new DeFi era. We fully expect that our project will be the leading model for DeFi 3.0.” As a result, there is great optimism towards this new ETF product.

Starting in September, BLK Black Whale Project will conduct various rewards and airdrop events to its community members.

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