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Kahun Launches AI Diagnostic Tool for Frontline Doctors

Kahun app

Kahun, an Israeli medtech startup that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI), has announced the beta release of its diagnostic app for medical professionals. The application has already been widely trialled by hundreds of doctors and medical students. The release of the open beta will enable the app to be widely used for clinical decision-making, allowing physicians to make more accurate diagnoses in real time.

Next Generation Diagnosis on the Fly

One of the biggest challenges that doctors face when treating patients is the sheer volume of material that must be consulted in order to reach an accurate diagnosis. The Kahun app has been designed to support interpretation of text-based articles for clinical decision-making, placing a wealth of knowledge in the hands of physicians as they go about their duties.

Diagnosis is often complicated by the number of different afflictions that share similar symptoms, making it hard for even experienced physicians to accurately identify the cause of the problem. The AI-powered solution that Kahun has developed uses a knowledge graph that holds more than 5 million connections between known diseases, risk factors, and complications that might affect the diagnosis and recommended course of treatment.

From Interns to Frontline Physicians

Founded by Dr. Michal Tzuchman-Katz, Eitan Ron, and Tal Goldberg in 2018, Kahun has wasted no time in getting its diagnostic tool into the hands of medical staff working in hospitals and clinics. Medical interns have spoken positively of the app’s ability to support accurate diagnosis, giving students the confidence to consult senior physicians with a good idea as to the cause of the malady.

The same knowledge graph that powers the Kahun diagnostic app has been used to parse papers examining the Covid-19 virus. Kahun’s software earned acclaim for its ability to support doctors in diagnosing coronavirus patients, and prioritizing those in urgent need of care. With the beta release of Kahun’s diagnosis app, doctors working in healthcare facilities around the world will be able to experience the tool’s capabilities in a live environment, using it to speed up and refine their workflow.

The Future of Medicine Lies in Medtech

Medtech describes the use of technology to diagnose and treat illnesses and disease, often using software loaded onto consumer products such as tablets and smartphones. Utilizing the smart sensors that these devices come bearing, or proprietary devices with specialist sensors attached, medical staff can diagnose patients on the fly. When combined with powerful AI software, in which processing is conducted in the cloud, physicians can access a suite of medical technology while on the ward, in-clinic, or while conducting house visits.

Kahun believes its first major medtech solution can gain traction among medical professionals, having already proven itself in trials. With the open beta release of the application, more healthcare workers will be able to experience the benefits of medtech in action, using it to support faster and more accurate decision-making, with potentially life-saving consequences.

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