K-PLAY Contents Present Opportunities to the Audience to Contribute in the Production of “Block Story”

Amidst the rising value and increasing interest in Bitcoin and various cryptocurrencies, K-Play Contents (the producer for the cryptocurrency based drama “Pumping Time”) announced the opportunities for people worldwide to contribute in the production short-story play “Block Story”. 

As opposed to traditional stocks, any person can invest in cryptocurrency.  However, all people should proceed with caution and be aware of risks associated with cryptocurrency investment.  Therefore, in addition to the cryptocurrency textbook drama “Pumping Time”, K-Play Contents will produce short-story play “Block Story” (to be broadcasted one episode per week) to showcase real-life content materials relating to cryptocurrency that cannot be featured in the drama alone.

“Block Story” will be broadcasted every week for duration of one year, and the materials for its episodes will be based on variety of real-life cryptocurrency and blockchain experiences of regular individuals.

In that regard, through “Pumping Time Festival”, anyone can submit their real-life experiences in writing (maximum length of 2 pages & 11 point font) via e-mail or the official website of “Pumping Time”.

Among the submitted materials, one story will be selected monthly, which will serve as the basis for the production of short-story play.  Also, depending on the popularity voting of the story, the submitter of the written materials may be rewarded in the form of Bitcoin or other major cryptocurrency.  Starting from the last week of April, the winner of selected story will be announced on the official website of “Pumping Time”.

K-PLAY Contents stated “while producing the world’s first cryptocurrency drama “Pumping Time”, we thought it would be informational for the viewers and potential investors to hear the detailed stories of joy and sorrow surrounding cryptocurrency and various digital assets.  That is how “Block Story” came to existence.  Based on these true life events, we wanted to reach as much viewers worldwide, so viewers can expect very intriguing episodes every week.” 

“Block Story” will feature one episode every week for one year, with the projected initial broadcast date in June of this year.  Also, “Block Story” will be produced in conjunction with writers and production teams in Korea and other countries around the globe (i.e. United States, China, Japan, Russia).

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